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Microsoft Office 2019 release date unveiled

by Felix Omondi
microsoft office 2019

The Redmond tech giant Microsoft is known all over the world and I bet even by aliens out there in space for primarily its two software products; the PC operating system Windows and for productivity application software Office suite. On both fronts, Microsoft has done a pretty impressive work; Windows 10 can be said to be a finely baked OS and just about all version of its Office suite has been unparalleled.

The latest versions of both the OS and the application have metamorphosed over the years from becoming a disk-bought-product to a Software as a Service (SaaS). Well, perhaps the Office suitee, and not the Windows OS as you still have to buy the disk or download it online. Although you get upgraded to the latest version through subsequent minor updates and patches until the entire OS changes.

A good example of Microsoft’s SaaS is the Office 365 where users only subscribe to a host of Office suite features, which they get alongside other goodies such as cloud storage.

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft is said to be working on releasing the next step in the evolution of their productivity software, the Office 2019. Microsoft says this Office is slated for second half of 2018 release and will come with the usual features: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Exchange, Sharepoint, and Skype for Business.

New features in Office 2019

For users who are not quite thrilled with the cloud computing aspects of Office 365, Office 2019 will feel more at home than the former. Microsoft has not announced the new features entirely, but that seems to be the core feature that will appeal to folks who find current Office 365 too ‘intangible’ because of its cloud computing/storage aspects.

Office 2019 is also said will have a better inking experience with new pressure sensors, tilt effects, and ink replay. For number crunchers, you will be glad to know that Excel will have additional new formulas and charts to do your data analysis better.

For IT admins, Microsoft has baked in some improvement features on various fronts such as voice, usability, security, and IT manageability.

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