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Microsoft Office for iPad coming soon

by Fahad Saleem

SONY DSCAdmit it or not, Microsoft Office has been the single most productive and useful document processing tool for years which has withstood all of its rivals. Be it document handling, invoice preparations, complex formulas in excel sheets, making presentations for office or college, MS Office has always been at our service, and there isn’t any alternative to it, as far as the latest technological evolution is concerned. But, things haven’t been quite easy for the Apple fans as they need an emulator or some software to run Windows on their Macs and tablets. Not everyone can go through the tiresome job of handling the emulators so most of the Apple users limited themselves to the sloppy, difficult and less productive document processing software natively in-built in Apple devices. Things were worst for iPads as you can’t run the most commonly known multiple-OS handling software on it. But all this fuss was before the news that has recently struck the web according to which, Microsoft Office suite for iPad is coming ‘sooner than you think’

The report is published by ZDNet’s Mary Joe Foley, and she has the finest sources inside Apple to back her report. According to Foley, “Microsoft officials have acknowledged, in a somewhat roundabout way, that it exists and is coming. According to the report, Microsoft delayed the launch of Office for iPads because of “Gemini” which is a Microsoft’s Metro-Style/Windows Store suite of versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that Ballmer has always wanted to introduce in any Office version for tablets. Ballmer’s dream is about to come true.

The Office suite for iPad will be touch optimized, and the report touts that the productivity bundle will land for iPad before the launch of Office for any windows powered slate. Experts hint that ‘sooner’ can be anywhere between the first half of this year. Sooner or later, MS Office for iPad is bound to come as tech giants are ready to inch forward for the mesh of frameworks for better facilitation of their fans in terms of productivity and ease of use.

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