Microsoft has partnered with Dalberg to launch Digital Transformation Series to debunk Tech Policies

Digital Transformation Series microsoft dalberg

In a move geared towards addressing the misconceptions and questions, people and companies across sub-Saharan Africa might have about technology policy. Microsoft has partnered with the research company Dalberg in a bid to shape the technology policy across the continent by engaging key leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and technologies. The program is dubbed Digital Transformation Series.

Amr Kamel, Microsoft’s General Manager for West, East, Central Africa & Indian Ocean Island, says, “The Digital Transformation Series puts into action what we set out to do which is to provide a platform and an environment for policy nurturing, discussion, and creation. The notion of the center creating a frontier for financial inclusion and faster economic growth really looks set to become a reality through this.”

The series is slated to run throughout next year and will be creating a buzz and conversations around the need to understand how technology policy plays a key role in supporting and accelerating innovation within the digital space. The series will focus more on policies that champion inclusive economic development around the continent. Some of the key socio-economic sectors being fronted as priority focus for the series include healthcare, government, oil & gas, and FSI.

Already, Microsoft has launched a healthcare coordination solutions that enables medical practitioners to communicate with patients, manage and connect remotely to healthcare centers, and monitor the patients’ progress.

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced the Multichannel Customer Experience Management solution that enables customer experience optimization that improve the bank’s omnichannel CRM strategy. The company has also launch modern systems that improve government-to-citizen services.

Kamel adds: “Our citizen service solution gives citizens on-demand, omnichannel access to public information while equipping government employees with more efficient tools, advanced analytics and insights to improve citizen services.”

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