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Microsoft pays out $10,000 after Lawsuit by User for forcibly Downloading Windows 10 to her PC

by Felix Omondi
Microsoft pays out $10,000 after a lawsuit by a User for forcibly Downloading Windows 10 to her PC

Microsoft has been very bullish about the rollout of its new operating system, Windows 10. So much so, that it is has thrown caution, due process and respect for users taste and preference out of the window. As far as Microsoft is concerned, you had to install Windows 10 yesterday. If you still haven’t, they will do everything in their powers to have you install it today.

This bullish run by Microsoft has landed it into trouble with the law, in the form of lawsuits. You will not be far off assuming this is the first of many to come. A California-based woman operating a travel agency in Sausalito has sued Microsoft for forcibly downloading Windows 10 on her PC.

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Teri Goldstein alleges that after downloading without her permission, Windows 10 attempted and failed to install on her work PC. The failure to install left her work computer unresponsive for days. She alleges to have tried to fix the problem with Microsoft support team, but all was in vain.

Goldstein then decided to sue Microsoft for the loss of income incurred during the time she was not able to access her computer, and the cost of buying a new PC. The court ordered Microsoft to pay plaintiff $10,000 for damages.

Apparently, Microsoft dropped its appeal of the ruling to avoid further legal cost. Thus, Goldstein was awarded the $10,000 for loss of income incurred due to the downloading and failed attempt to install Windows 10 on her PC without her explicit consent.

Goldstein’s case could encourage many other Windows users across the world that woke up one morning to find their PC upgrading to Windows 10 without their permissions. Although Windows 10 has, for the most part, received good reviews, it is the bullish act of Microsoft to try and get users to download it that is stirring up anger.

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Moreover, Windows 10 is also automatically downloading and installing on older machines, which are not particularly designed to operate with the new OS. Leading to cases of computers freezing, lag in performance, and even system crash being reported on older machines. Typically, old devices are not well designed to run newer software. That in itself could lead to inconveniencing the users using older devices.

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