Microsoft redesigned OneNote and its now available to all Windows 10 users


The Redmond tech giant Microsoft has announced major features update on OneNote. The company says the update will improve users’ seamless experience across all their devices; ranging from your Windows 10 PC, Windows Phone, Android device, MacOS Sierra, and iOS devices.

The OneNote upgrade was first available to users in the Windows Insiders program, but it would appear Microsoft is sufficiently confident to avail it to all Windows 10 users. That mean you can give the new OneNote app a test drive right now.

What’s new in OneNote

The first thing to strike you is the new design; Microsoft has redesigned the old OneNote we used to know. Other than that there plenty of other small new features available in this latest version that are not available in the current one.

Take, for instance, Office’s Tell Me assistant has now been incorporated into OneNote; now you can show page previews in the navigation bar. You can also list all changes made to the shared notebooks, change the nicknames to be able to easily recognize some notebooks, and even change the color of the notebook.

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