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Microsoft released the Whiteboard Preview app, a freeform digital canvas for Windows 10 devices

by Felix Omondi
microsoft whiteboard preview app

Microsoft has finally released (the severally leaked) Whiteboard Preview app for Windows 10 devices.

The Whiteboard app is a freeform digital canvas that allows users to create and collaborate on a project in real-time. It is ideal for teams that need to ideate, iterate, and collaborate on a project whether from the same work office or from different places, working remotely.

Users can also collaborate across multiple devices desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Microsoft vouches for the app saying during the private beta stage, they noticed the app actually improved the teammates’ efficiency and collaboration.

Whiteboard App Features

The team sees where each member is currently working on the board and the updates they are making in real time.

The canvas surface is limitless, making sure every team member has more than enough room to work on their ideas.

The Whiteboard takes a pen-first, touch-first technology ensuring the gestures you make with your fingers are fluid. You can also draw finer details using a pen. Using the finger, you can swipe in different sections on the board, turn your virtual ruler to any angle you would like to use it, you can also drag and drop images here and there to create a photo stack.

Whiteboard’s ink intelligently recognizes your freeform drawing and turns them into standard shapes; it enables you to create an awesomely looking table, flowcharts, and diagrams.

All your work gets saved automatically so you will never have to hit the ‘Save’ button.

The app is already available to everyone, but only in English language. Microsoft promises to add more languages soon. Whiteboard is available as a free download at this link, but at least one of the team members needs to have an Office 365 account for collaboration.

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