Microsoft says you don’t need to Safely Remove USB Drives from PC | As if people do that

Windows PCS users are all too familiar with the Safely Remove USB Drive from PC storage. Microsoft has all along made it seem like it is a recommended way for yanking out your USB flash drive once you are through with it.

And as you probably already know, most people don’t do that most of the time. Only very few people do it, but not religiously. Then it turns out, you don’t actually need to ‘Safely Remove’ the USB drive afterall.

Microsoft has updated its Windows 10’s USB and thunderbolt default settings saying: “This policy manages storage operations in a manner that keeps the device ready to remove at any time. You can remove the device without using the Safely Remove hardware process.”

The company is just confirming what we suspected all along; simply yanking the USB drive from the computer has no serious side effects. However, the ‘Quick Removal’ feature may degrade the system performance over time; that’s according to Microsoft.

However, you can go back to the previous ‘Better Performance’ option by connecting the USB drive to your PC, right-click Start and select File Explorer. Select the letter or label associated with the USB drive, right click on it, and then select Disk Management.

On the lower section of Disk Management window, right-click the label of the USB drive and select Properties. Here you can select the Policies you would like.

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