Microsoft to release a new disc-less Xbox One console next year

microsoft disc-less Xbox One

According to reports by the Microsoft-enthusiast website Thurrott, the Redmond company is set to release a new disc-less Xbox One console in 2019.

The site cites people familiar with Microsoft plans saying that the company will release an updated console come next year. However, the said new console will not be in the Scarlett family.

Reduced prices of the Gaming Console

Microsoft hopes that by making its consoles disc-less, it will reduce the prices of the Xbox One and thus have more gamers come onboard. Since the console will not have any of the expensive hardware that traditionally comes with these consoles such as support for Blu-ray and disc games.

With the elimination of some of the expensive hardware, Microsoft could possibly lower the price point to $200 or even less.

What about us who already have game discs?

Well, Microsoft has you covered as well, as they will also be launching a disc-to-digital program that will let you turn your physical game into digital. Well, you will actually download the digital copy of your title online via the console.

Microsoft hopes to rope in more gamers into the Xbox platform, while at the same time not compromise on the quality of gaming experience. Hence, the only way it can lower the price of its consoles is by removing some of the expensive hardware components, that can be replaced with a digital solution. In this case, instead of running a disc inside the console, just download it and store it inside the hard disc.

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