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Microsoft Windows Azure Vs Amazon: Speed and Performance Comparison

Microsoft Windows Azure Vs Amazon: Speed and Performance Comparison

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Windows Azure are two of the best cloud computing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)/PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers. Both of these services work with the Ektron Cloud Manager. If you are a developer belonging to the Content Management System (CMS), then you should be aware of the pros and cons of using both these services. This article sheds some light on the Windows Azure Vs Amazon performance features, core website elements, database, storage, overall support and computing.


The Cloud Computing requires a virtual machine. The VM is basically the software implementation of the computing environment in which an operating system or a program can be installed. IaaS runs on the persisted VM, while PaaS (Platform as a Service) runs on non-persisted VMs. Amazon is basically the largest IaaS provider. The users have complete control over the VM, and they need to manage the OS, system upgrades, security patches and so on.

Microsoft Windows Azure is basically the PaaS provider which offers OS management, such as security, OS upgrades, paths, etc. The users don’t have control over the system updates, versions, patches, security, and so on.


These are used to persist your application data such as contents, users, orders etc. Microsoft Azure offers SQL database as a low cost, multi-tenant cloud database. The Amazon contains two models, i.e. you can create a virtual machine with SQL server, and alternately, you can use SQL RDS.

Cloud Storage

It is a file system where you store and retrieve files from your applications. The Content Deliver Networks were created for improving the website performance by distributed assets to edge servers.

Microsoft offers the Azure Blob, which is one of the high performing storage providers among others. On the other hand, Amazon provides the Simple Storage Service, which has several features in addition to those provided by the Azure blob.

Cloud Performance

Consider the following charts, showing the performance, stability, and scalability  comparison of Windows Azure and Amazon services. Both of them are almost similar, having minor differences. When you desire to choose a cloud service provider, be sure to assess all the requirements.


Windows Azure Vs Amazon Web Services: Which Is Best For You?

The Windows Azure Vs Amazon performance comparison shows that both these cloud computing services are pretty much similar. Their key differences must be kept in mind while choosing one of these services.

If you need more control over the machines and software, then you should go for Amazon. It offers persisted VMs, which are ideal for having a perfect control over the machines.

If you desire to run your code without having a control over the OS, VM, and so on, then you should go for Microsoft Azure. If you are running applications, which don’t require persistency, then you should prefer Azure.

If you just need to compute large data for reporting, then either of the options will work well for you. It is hoped that you would now be able to make your choice between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in the context of your requirements.


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