Microsoft Windows Lite could be extremely stripped-down that it will run on virtually any device

windows lite os

Microsoft got an embarrassing defeat in its attempt to venture into the mobile devices space. That market is just too strongly dominated by Google and to some extent Apple. So much so that developers rarely gave any attention to the Windows Mobile platform since Android and iOS have higher demand.

The Redmond company had little option but to call it quits as it accepts defeat. Ironically, Microsoft started churning out its products and tweaking them to better run on its competitor’s platform. Take, for instance, the Microsoft Launcher. This app runs better on Android and has more features on the competing platform that on Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile.

Microsoft working new Lite Operating System

There are rumors doing rounds that Microsoft is working on a lightweight version of Windows. Rumors that go as far as shedding light on what type of machines the new OS will be running on, and that it will be an extremely stripped-down version of Windows.

The rumors say the Lite OS will run on virtually any processor, including the very low-end hardware. It will be playing in the same field as the very super-cheap Chromebooks. It is also being rumored that the OS will be in two variants Pegasus and Centaurus. The latter is a dual-screen 2-in-1 device that Microsoft has been rumored to be working on for a while now. While Pegasus is said to be a different style of laptops that will run the Lite OS and will be entry-level devices.

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