Microsoft Word for Android to Surpass 1 Billion Downloads

Microsoft Word for Android to Surpass 1 Billion DownloadsMicrosoft Word for Android to Surpass 1 Billion Downloads

Microsoft is one of the most recognized software brands in the world. Its operating system, Windows, runs on 87,56% of all desktop computers and laptops in the world, as NetMarketShare reports. Their office suite with over 1.5 billion users is also the most widely used. As Google Play Market counter says, the mobile version of Microsoft Word surpassed 1 billion downloads this July.

It means that Word is now nearly twice as frequently used as the freeware Google Docs. Microsoft Word for mobile was released on June 24, 2015, which is a year later than the mobile version of G Suite. Authority of Microsoft on the desktop market has led it to absolute dominance on Android. Unfortunately, iOS figures are still unrevealed. Presumably, it’s around 300 million, because iOS market share is about 7.5 times lower.

What does Microsoft Word for Mobile Offer?

Microsoft Word is a word processing application for creating multiple types of documents and in-depth editing. experts say that it’s mainly focused on real-time collaboration and remote work. At the same time, it preserves a wide range of capabilities to fulfill the needs of the most fastidious customers. Similarly to the desktop version, it offers a free monthly trial and 3 feature-packs, including Home, Personal, and Professional. Many users argue that the subscription price is too high, but it’s not very fair to complain about the pricing of the most heaped word processing service on the market. It’s developed generally for professional audiences who need more than freeware apps provide.

Is it Worth the Money?

To answer this question, you have to compare your needs with Microsoft Word capabilities. All its basic editing options are fully recreated in Google Docs. Both apps allow real-time team collaboration, cloud synchronization, in-app communication, and export into all popular document formats. So what’s the difference? Word wins when it comes to specialized office features, such as templates, professional proofreading and editing, and visual design.

Word is also preferable for businesses because it’s more focused on offline word processing and secure document exchange. Google Docs is considered to be risky for corporate data. The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) warns that Google Docs is rather vulnerable to hacker attacks. There’s also always a chance that someone gets access to the company’s files from a logged-in Google account of one of the employees. For example, someone may open Docs on a forgotten device with Google Maps or Gmail running. Simple accessibility is a very convenient feature for users, but a potential security breach as well.

That being said, it becomes clear why more users give preference to Microsoft Word. This system isn’t exposed to attacks and receives frequent firewall updates that reduce all risks to a minimum.

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