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Microsoft’s claims Bing is growing at a rate most people are skeptical about

by Milicent Atieno

Bing! Bing! Bing! Does that brand elicit strong memories from you? I bet there some who don’t know what it even means. It is not like Google, the ubiquitous search engine the exceeds its name. People living in areas without internet and have never even used the internet have heard of Google despite the fact they have never used a computer or a smartphone.

Then there is Bing, the Microsoft search engine. It is a little astonishing that for a search engine that not so many people readily know about has registered 15% YoY growth in the last Q4 and has had an accelerating rate of growth over the past few years.

While speaking at Natchcon, a conference for natural brands, Microsoft said its Bing Search Engine has been on an impressive growth curve over the past few years. The company said its search engine has grown by up to 20% in the U.S. That is growth across both desktop and mobile.

Given how prominent mobile search has become in today’s modern world, that growth by Microsoft is no mean feat by all standards. It is important to note that Microsoft has over the recent years been aggressively growing its Bing search engine among other products to run well on its competitor’s platforms; Android and iOS. Microsoft even went as far as striking a deal with Reddit to has Bing used as the search engine on that platform. The company said that 63 million users on PC use Bing exclusively.

The tech community is receiving this news with a pinch of doubt, given there is no reliable third party to give alternative stats on Bing’s growth. Comscore stopped giving monthly updates on the search engine’s market share.

In Microsoft’s recent financial reports, the company also revealed that the ads revenues it is generating from Bing has also been on the increase. All factors considered, it looks like the Bing division, is one area where Microsoft is doing things right lately.

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