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Microsoft’s Digital Assistant, Cortana; Will Be Available On Android and iOS Devices

Microsoft’s Digital Assistant, Cortana; Will Be Available On Android and iOS Devices

Once upon a time, Microsoft was the alpha male as far as the most popular operating system is concerned. But with the advent of mobile devices, Microsoft has quickly lost ground as users warmed up to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS devices while Microsoft was skeptical about jumping on the mobile bandwagon. The company still commands a great deal of respect when looking at the traditional desktop PCs and laptop computers, its dominance in the mobile devices market is, however, a far cry.

In what appears to be a tactical measure to regain its former glory, Microsoft has been aggressively welcoming developers on its mobile operating system platform. More recently, the company has begun bringing the best of Windows features to rival platforms; Android and iOS. Microsoft most recently announced that it will be availing Cortana, on Android and iOS platform as a standalone app.

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Eric Horvitz, the managing director of Microsoft Research, told Reuters in an interview that Microsoft is planning to bring Cortana to Android and iOS devices:

This kind of technology, which can read and understand email, will play a central role in the next roll out of Cortana, which we are working on now for the fall time frame.”

Cortana is said to be currently undergoing further development and improvements, in codenamed Project Einstein. She will now be able to pull data from artificial intelligence, become more aware and have more abilities to execute more tasks.

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