You might soon have Google Search Lite; for Slow Networks and Data Friendliness

Over the years, the internet has evolved. It is no longer made of plain texts and basic images. These days, it seems ‘multimedia rich is the way to go for most websites and apps developers.

While all these multimedia contents make for a richer online experience, if you are on a slow network or your device is just not as resource-rich. Things will get frustratingly slow and sometimes freeze altogether. These frustrations cause users on slow networks or using less powerful devices to stop further browsing or consumption of such online content.

Obviously, when users desist from further engagement, it means bad business for tech companies such as Google and Facebook. That is what informed Facebook move to out a lighter version of the Facebook mobile app and the Messenger app; as Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

Now, Google seems to be following Facebook’s footsteps, if the early leak by Android Police is anything to go by. The publisher says Google is currently testing a new lighter version of the Search app in Asia.

You can download the app now (via APK Mirror) right now if you would like to give it a try. Below are some screen shots of the app in action; note how slimmed down it is from the standard Google app.

No doubt, users living in areas with poor connectivity, or using entry level devices will now experience faster (as much as possible) using this slimmed down version of the app. The app will also come in handy in the event you are trying to save on your mobile data bill, as it consumes less data.

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