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Minuum is a Concise Keyboard, Actively Designed for Android Devices

by Fahad Saleem

 Minuum is a Concise Keyboard, Actively Designed for Android Devices

The stock keyboard for Android is a stretched version that spreads over a large area of your screen. If this disturbs you while typing, then you should check out the Minuum. Minuum has been designed as an alternative to the stock Android keyboard. Minuum flexes all the letters to form a single row. The letters seems overlapping; where every three letters forms a ladder followed by other three. You might wonder that how such arrangement can work effectively, but despite of its small size, the keyboard gives the full functionality of an active keyboard. Minuum was released last year with a beta testing stage, and now it has been declared a full release this March.

keyboard 1

With Minuum, the screen view is larger and keyboard swept to reside as a single bottom line.  It is a good option to change the texting experience with a larger screen.

keyboard 3

After installing the app, you must have to enable it as your default keyboard, but if you don’t find it interesting then you can uninstall it. The uninstallation will automatically recover your previous keyboard at its place. Besides this, the manual change option is always available. Just tap on settings and go to the keyboard and input options. The changes will be reset manually.

When you open the Minuum keyboard, by default it opens as a full escape regular keyboard. To wrap it down in a single line letter show, you have to press the keyboard simultaneously with two fingers. By doing the same trick again, the keyboard will expand to normal size again.

keyboard 4

The autocorrect feature is also enabled by default. You can disable or enable it from the toggle option present at the top left hand side of the keyboard.

While typing, you need a number of insert options like the line break, deleting words or entering the message through voice. These options are accessed by using the shift key or just hold down the texting area where you need to insert the options. The other functionalities like similes insertion and copy pasting can be done while holding down the star button. The star button also facilitates you to monitor your word count per minutes.

You will need practice typing with Minuum efficiently, as the size of keys has shrunk. But it will be a good typing advantage for Android wearable devices. The app is free to use for a month, but after that you will have to subscribe for $3.99 to keep on using. The 30 days are sufficient to decide, if you like to stay with Minuum or step back to your previous texting.

Download Minuum from here.

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