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MIT Charms School: Great Place to Learn Social Skills and Manners to Impress Others

by Fahad Saleem

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known for its high-class education, benchmark scientific research, journals, sharp-minded young students and scientists. Every year students from all over the world try their level best to get into MIT. But there is more in the MIT apart from nerdy science classes, mathematics and tough quizzes. There is a special department in MIT where they teach you etiquette and charm. It is called the Charms School of MIT. Study after study has proved that education and grades are not enough for success. You have to learn how to carry yourself. The way you dress, the way you eat and walk, gives an everlasting impression to others. If you studied at MIT, and do not know how to convince your boss to give you a raise, you are at a loss. It is appalling sometimes how merely the way of talking and choice of words could result in totally different results in real life. MIT charms school provides students with courses on learning personality etiquette.

Teachers at the MIT Charms school and highly qualified in mannerism, social etiquettes, personality and discipline. You can learn all sorts of manners at this school to stand out amongst the crowd. For example, they teach you how to use fork and knife when you eat, how to avoid awkward noises during a social dinner, how to dress. There is a complete course on how to tie a knot or a bow. You get a chance to learn how to leave the best first impression on others. First impression is the single most important thing in today’s busy life. You literally have a few seconds to leave your impression, and it should be good, otherwise you will not get any attention, and lose opportunities in the world.

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MIT Charms School has professors with as much as 18 years of teaching experience in the field of mannerism and etiquette. You get the practical demos of everything. For example, the instructor will show you how to sit on a chair and have dinner. Students in the form of groups perform the instructed tips and the instructor vets them at the spot.

You get a certificate of the MIT Charms School at the end of the course which you can proudly show to the world.

MIT charms school 2

Check out this video to see what happens at the MIT Charms School.


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