MIT Geniuses and Dropbox Launch MailBox : Next-Generation Email Platform

MIT Geniuses and Dropbox Launch MailBox : Next-Generation Email Platform

Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage and cloud sharing service provider is launching its new product, Inbox. This product is developed in collaboration with MIT alumni. MIT engineers have put their knowledge to create something that will be serving as a foundation stone for creation of futures mailboxes based on their work.

This new mailing system is similar to the latest system released by Google, which is called Google API. It was announced on Google I/O conference 2014, which gives the developers flexibility to create mailing apps with improved threads and labels and get access to specific mails without opening the inbox.

Say Good bye to IMAP

The traditional protocol used for sending and receiving emails is IMAP. The new platforms by Dropbox and Google reduce the use of IMAP to let the new apps work as non-client apps.

Inbox works with Yahoo mail, Microsoft account and even with Gmail amazingly.

A different protocol with emails requires developers to learn this new protocol. With the new platforms, it may no longer be required for the developers to create email apps based on IMAP. These apps will be made for focusing on specific tasks for emails for end users.

There are already some apps which are Inbox ready. These are mostly demos yet and are built using JavaScript. Developers can now access REST endpoints with the help of Inbox platform. This will help them do serious modifications on apps for end users like sending, receiving, retrieving, building labels, putting custom filters and accessing attachments. The apps can also be developed for sending emails without using the third party for sending and receiving mails.

At this time, the developers can download Inbox API on their developing tools and login and sync their accounts. After this, they can start building the apps. The developers need local development environment for the development of apps. But there will be another version of Inbox API released in the future which will allow the users to develop without scaling down their infrastructures.

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