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MOBIcure Launches the OMOMI App In Africa to Help Mothers In Nurturing their Kids

by Fahad Saleem

MOBIcure Launches the OMOMI App In Africa to Help Mothers In Nurturing their Kids

Mobile technology applications have gained tremendous popularity in this modern day and era. By simply taking a look around you, you will see plenty of activities happening around you that are made possible by mobile devices and technology. MOBIcure has come up with another unique mobile technology application that is aimed at solving healthcare problems. This company is affiliated with the mobile health (mhealth) that uses phones, tabs, apps, SMS and video to help people with health related matters.

The latest innovative mhealth app created by MOBIcure is the OMOMI App: an app intended to monitor children’s health and ensure that they nurtured in the most optimal health conditions.

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This app addresses the growing number of women who are getting into careers, unlike their counterparts in the old times when women were expected to be stay at home moms. Even if they hire nannies and housemaids, woman will now be able to keep tabs on their kids health thanks to this new app.

OMOMI App brings the best solution by providing working mothers regular updates and guidance about the growth of their children. The app reminds the mother about all the important events and schedules related to their children so that they manage time efficiently between their career and their children. These reminders are synchronized with their calendar, in addition,  the app provides valuable guidance to the mothers in terms of breast feeding their children and comparing their children’s growth with others. The app also has a GPS locator of the nearest hospital in case of an emergency.

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The app also has a wonderful feature that teaches parents the common ailments that occur during their child’s childhood and how to combat them. The 2nd most common reason for death in children below the age of 5 is Diarrhea. This app prides itself on being the first app that satisfies the World Health Organization requirements in terms of children survival techniques. These strategies were developed to reduce the death rate among children. OMOMI app became available on Google Play Store on February 21, 2014 for beta testing and had more than 200 downloads in just the first week. You can download this app from Google Play store by following this link.

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