Mobile App Development Services

It is hard to imagine a fast-speed world without applications, as they significantly eased the whole living process. The majority of the basic daily things we perform using applications, but during the last few years mobile app development also brought a huge impact into the business world as well. According to Statista, in 2018 only 42% of small mobile companies already had an app, while in 2021 almost 77% small companies either have or invest in mobile app development.
Several industries now require applications due to COVID-19 impact and loss of customers they experience. They include health and wellness, Fintech, e-learning, e-commerce, delivery and all startups regardless of the sphere. Applications can provide a great chance to get an improved revenue, boost customer’s loyalty, allow for a higher retention rate, encashed number of sales, provide easy brand building tools and help your business to stay in-demand during market crashes.
Mobile app development services at Interexy cover end-to-end development of mobile apps, starting from business analysis and UI/UX design to final testing by QA team and launching to the online market. The scope of mobile app development services include:

Consulting and Onboarding

Our company is a trusted partner for app development that provides full-cycle services to the client from the very beginning, starting with the consulting and onboarding process. This helps to conduct business analysis to understand client’s needs and elicit requirements, define and prioritize features, while also plan out the solution architecture.

Market analysis

When collecting needed information regarding clients needs, we are going to the stage of identifying a targeted audience and analysing competitors.  This helps us make a roadmap and create an app that will solve customer’s problems in the most satisfying and personal way, while also collecting what features we can include to make the app stand out from the crowd.

Mobile App Design

Once consulting is done, the company moves your project forward to the UX/UI design.  This team creates a conversion-driven mobile user experience that ensures high conversion and user retention. The app’s design is an essential point for any application, as it ensures prospective customers get a great first impression. 

Front-end App Development

The full-cycle app development carries all types of app implementation, from chosen platforms and languages during concept stage, till the most complex implementation during work. We can also offer AR/VR and AI integration into any project. At this stage we ensure the final product meets all mentioned requirements, all features work smoothly and the app is adapted to all needed devices.

Backend Development

Our team of high-skilled backend developers guarantees robust, secure back ends and provides their well-thought-out integration with an app or with any third-party systems that our client chose.

Mobile App QA and Support

We have a great team of mobile testing experts that perform all types of testing and debugging to ensure the high quality of your mobile solution and compliance with industry’s strict standards.

Mobile App Evolution

Interexy is always willing to help clients’ apps grow by fine-tuning it, providing updates, expanding its functionality according to the roadmap, and offering cutting-edge mobile experiences to help keep users engaged and satisfied for the long term.  

The bottom line

Mobile app development has completely changed the way most companies work and how people live. Experts believe that this tendency will hold on for several upcoming years, as every day numerous brand-new technologies are designed and integrated. Therefore, both startups and large enterprises should consider building applications for their business regardless of the sphere. It can bring a great advantage in the competing market, help you overcome competitors, engage more users, provide a simple and fast way of interacting with services you provide and grow revenue.

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