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Mobile Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

by Kimberly Thomas

Mobile Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle
175713859At some point, we have all considered the different ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle whether it is joining a gym, training for a marathon or changing our eating habits. Consciously watching the kinds of food we intake or increasing our physical activity are small steps that yield satisfactory results. And now Smartphone users have access to thousands of apps to aid in this journey. Depending on what your focus is any of these four listed can assist you in your fitness goals and an effortless interactive regimen.

  1. WebMD is a popular app derived from the trusted website which allows you to input your symptoms and get suggestions of what your illnesses might be. They provide you with healthy tips and articles, healthy recipes, health facts and also suggest remedies for keeping your body clean and toxin free. There is no cost for iPhone and Android users.
  2. MyFitnessPal encourages lifestyle changes. You can set a daily calorie goal and record your daily food and exercise from anywhere, anytime to help you stay on track. It is user friendly and takes into account the different factors of weight loss. There is no cost for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows users.
  3. Hot5 contains easy to follow interactive workouts including yoga to increase your flexibility, work your abs, core and much more. The level of difficulty ranges but it is simplified to only five moves. The use of this app can be added to your workout in the gym or can solely be your workout at home. You are guaranteed to feel the burn! There is no cost for iPhone users.
  4. Fooducate is geared more towards the person who would rather focus on eating healthy without having a dietician. It uses a scientific algorithm to grade food items based on their nutritional values and the listed ingredients. When using this app you have access to a barcode scanner that shows you how products are graded.  It even suggests healthier alternatives. There is no cost for iPhone and Android users.

Knowledge is power and whether you want to take baby steps or jump right in to a healthier lifestyle, you can access the app that you feel will be most beneficial to you. Do your research and get started, the motivation to keep going will take you further than doing nothing at all.

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