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Mobile Gaming – the Fastest Growing Industries in India 2021


The year 2021 begins like the last one ended, sobering. The pandemic controls the entire world and ensures that far more time is spent in your own four walls than would normally be the case. Many industries are therefore badly shaken when it comes to their own economic developments. But one industry is currently benefiting immensely: the gaming industry.

What mobile gaming will have in store in 2021

According to some experts, the year 2021 will be all about gaming. It is only uncertain whether the consoles will make the leap forward again – with the new XBox and the Playstation 5, among other things. They had suffered minor losses over the past few years. According to surveys, mobile gaming, on the other hand, is more popular than ever. No wonder, since games like Happy Wheels or Candy Crush Saga can be played easily and conveniently from anywhere and mostly completely free of charge. But more and more triple AAA games are finding their way onto smartphones. Who could have imagined a few years ago that games like FIFA or PubG would be brought into the mobile format? The run on online casinos has also increased enormously – not least because of the many Twitch streams. You could even say that providers such as JackpotCity Online Casino have benefited most from the mobile gaming boom in the past year. The area of ​​online gambling providers in particular has seen a rapid increase. The combination of the easing of the legal situation in Indian and the massive hype on streaming platforms, where well-known Indian streamers presented their successes and failures in playing various slots live, caused enthusiasm among many users.

More and more triple-A games are moving to the mobile version. Although these are only alternative variants or playing options for large games, the download figures in the stores speak for themselves and therefore also make the game developers sit up and take notice. Nevertheless, in addition to the triple-A exceptions, it is still the smaller mobile games that make up the broad masses. The gambling market in particular has seen a great boom in recent years. The huge demand makes it possible for more and more new online casinos to appear and shoot out of the ground. Gambling in particular can make the best use of the platforms offered for its offers and convince with sophisticated technologies and game modes.

It only seems to be a matter of time before so-called mobile games replace conventional games on consoles. It is hard to believe that one even thinks about such a role reversal in the power structure. Now, with games like Total War, the next complex game is already being launched as a mobile version. Gamers who prefer mobile games had to wait a long time for the mobile version of the popular trading card game. But the wait seems to have been worth it in this case. According to the first reviews, the game seems to have been perfectly designed on the smartphone. The game around the fantastic worlds is extremely complex in structure and process. The mobile version of the game sometimes shows what is now possible.

Trend around the PlayStation 5

The topic of the PlayStation 5 is hotly debated despite the initial difficulties. Above all, the new controller arouses enthusiasm among the players. It remains to be seen whether Sony will make the desired leap with their much-anticipated PlayStation 5. Due to delivery bottlenecks and bot sales, the start was not as successful as one had initially hoped. Nevertheless, the interest in the new console from Sony is still extremely high, so that the demand will remain consistently high even when there is little supply.

The predictions around the game market are extremely difficult to make. The reason for this is the enormous and rapid development both in games per se and in smartphones, which ultimately make gaming possible. Triple-A game versions show that there are hardly any limits. High-quality battle royal games such as PUBG or sports games such as FIFA have been played on smartphones for some time. Even games like Pokémon Go seem out of date when compared to newer counterparts. So, it remains to be expected with excitement what gaming has in store for you in the next few years.

What will people play in 2021?

Strategic games

The advantage of strategic games is that this genre is optimally designed for mobile phones and tablets. Popular games are Clash Royale, Rise of Kingdoms, State of Survival or The Battle of Polytopia. Real-time strategy games such as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre can also be played on the go. They allow players to take control of a single hero in the game. Each of them has certain skills that he can use to defeat his opponents. At least two teams compete against each other within one map, with some Mobas the goal of destroying the opponent’s base or eliminating the opposing MOBA team.


Arcade games are booming on smartphones and tablets these days. They have been a household name since the golden age of video slot machines in the 1970s. They are not set up too complex and are very simple and straightforward to use. Games in arcade mode differ from normal game mode in that they are fast and skillful game play. This is all about the fun of the game, regardless of the story or other elements such as puzzling in a quest.


More than half of all smartphone users play puzzles – most of them are female players. Angry Birds, Tetris or Candy Crush are extremely popular because these types of puzzle games, while easy to understand, are tricky to solve. They require logic and quick thinking and they can be operated very quickly with your fingers (in contrast to shooters and racing games): Just type or swipe from time to time.

Alternative mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is related to gambling industry too. Therefore, Indian betting web-site is now developed to the app version. You can try out one of the most popular mobile gaming in India even now!

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