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Mobile Phone Becomes The Personal Banking Assistant


Mobile Phone Becomes The Personal Banking Assistant

“Virtual Banking” is no longer a dream

Since 2008, Taisys had been enabling Slim SIM banking services with local banks in China, especially in the rural areas where inadequate financial resources are provided. With Taisys Slim SIM technologies, the banks have successfully built up the highly secured “virtual banking network” to their customers providing secured access to financial services, replacing the investment in traditional infrastructures.

Mobile Phone Becomes The Personal Banking AssistantF-Road Shanghai, affiliated to Taisys and a JV with IFC*, provides the “virtual banking network” to its member banks by connecting the banking system to all MNOs in China, together with the Slim SIM as the secure elements. Up to date, more than 1,100 banks in China have been deploying  the secure and convenient services using Taisys slim SIM technology, including state owned Agriculture Bank of China and nation-wide Postal Saving Banks of China.

In Sept. 2014, the monthly transaction figures*reaches 28.36 billion USD, 28% growth rate to the precious month. The fast and reliable services provided by banks and trusted by consumers make “Virtual Banking” no longer a dream. The Slim SIM enables digital signature and encryption over SMS and data network to provide unprecedented security to the banking service, making a regular mobile phone becomes the personal banking assistant.

Secure Element that provides ownership of customers

CEO of Taisys, Jason Ho expresses, “The Slim SIM is the only secure element that strictly complies with ETSI/3GPP standards for the banks to deploy virtual banking with ownership of customers. As a GSMA associate member, we are dedicated in improving the technology evolution in order to include none-telco parties such as banks to serve their customers better in the mobile society. We are pleased to present the scale of the transaction size that is secured by our technology.”

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About Taisys

Founded in 2005, Taisys Technologies Co. Ltd. is a world leader in making mobile interconnectivity and vertical integration across various industry players. The patented SIMoME technology decouples Value-Added Services from the main SIM, empowering financial institutions, transport operators, and MNOs/MVNOs with innovative solutions.

Present in Taipei, China, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa, Taisys has consistently experienced significant growth powered by increasing demand for roaming and banking services. Nowadays, over 10 million satisfied end users enjoy these mobile based value-added services worldwide.

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