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Lookout Lagos! Mobile West Africa 2014 Conference is Coming to Town

by Felix Omondi

Lookout Lagos! Mobile West Africa 2014 Conference is Coming to Town

Mobile West Africa Event On May 13th-16th To Showcase Africa’s Best Mobile Developers

Africa has been making great strides changing from just an agricultural based economy to an industrialized economy; especially in terms of ICT and mobile based applications. This has presented a new platform for rewarding career as software developers and mobile based applications. But one thing facing most “tech-preneurs” is that most of their innovations and inventions lack funding and proper exposure which will catapult to their highest level of potential.

Mobile West Africa Event On May 13th-16th To Showcase Africa’s Best Mobile DevelopersMobile West Africa seeks to change just that by giving the right platform, the right investors and the right media publicity to upcoming innovative startups and app developers, which could potentially lead to a rewarding and fulfilling limelight for the most promising startups and app developers. On the May 13th – 16th 2014, Mobile West Africa will be holding another high profiled event at the Four Points by Sheraton 5* hotel on the Victoria Island. One of the  event’s media partner is yours truly Innov8tiv Magazine and the Mobil West Africa Conference will feature the following:

  • MWA2014 App Developer Competition: App Developers will be given the opportunity to present their work to the entire delegation of Mobile West Africa, whereby the winner  will get a prize award, free entry to MWA 2014, massive kudos and of course the Grand Prize. While entrants to these competition will not walk home empty handed, as they will get a free entry to the MWA 2014 event as well, a runner-up prize, a platform to showcase your app to the leading players in the African mobile ecosystem. To enter this competition simply send a brief email to [email protected] with the title of your email reading “I want to enter the App Comp at MWA2014”, accompanied with some brief details about yourself and your app (include screenshots if possible). MWA will vet the entrants and select the best top 5 and get back to the applicants with information about who have been given a slot for the competition. 
  • Start-Ups/ Developers: MWA2014 will also be able accept application by leading start-ups and developers in the African market. Eligible participants must meet certain criteria: they must be representing a company not formed more than 2 years ago and with a staff of less than 10 employees, independent mobile game or mobile application developers are also eligible in this category. If you meet the above criteria then you can apply by sending them an email to [email protected] giving details about yourself and your organization and possibly include details about your projects. Top applicants will be chosen and a free ticket given to those who will be successful.

You might think that the Mobile West Africa series of events is just like other ordinary platforms in Africa seeking to discover the next “big thing” in terms of African tech-innovation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, this event is hosted in the best venue and attracting the crème de la crème experts both locally and internationally to be presenters, while incorporating finely tuned agendas and using an interactive roundtable format that has proven to be more productive than the traditional conference style with rows of seats.

The event’s agendas will be split into “mini-sessions” having two presentations, then a roundtable discussion and marked off by the traditional panel discussions. The unique roundtable discussion will be a 10-minutes discussion among the delegates in attendance, deliberating on the presentations just ended. Giving them a chance to come up with elaborate questions for the panel discussions that will follow subsequently, this model of conference will enable all the attendees have an enjoyable experience with improved output and loads of networking on the eventful day.

For details on registration simply click  Register here.

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