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Mom advises Teen Son to Quit School and Play Video Games full-time, he now probably earns more than you

by Felix Omondi
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There was nothing that could get on my mom’s nerve like coming back home in the evening finding me glued on the same position on the couch she left me in the morning watching TV. There were times she would disconnect the power cable to the TV and we had to massage her good side by being the ideal son. That means doing homework, upping the grades, and helping around with the house chores.

Well, in the UK there is a mom to a 15-year-old teen who advised her kid to quit school and play video games as much as he can. Benjy Fish is the teen and says he could not believe his ears when his mom encouraged him to quit school to do what he loves and is very good at.

When my mom suggested I quit school earlier this year to play computer games full-time, I couldn’t believe my ears. I’d always dreamed of being an eSports professional since I was about 13-years-old,” said Benjy during an interview with the Mirror.

Now I can play until 4 am and get up at 2 pm in the afternoon. That way I can concentrate on gaming as a full-time career.”

Benjy Fish is riding the Video Game wave all the way to the bank

Out of playing Fortnite, Benjy has earned at least £25,000 ($31,786) since he turned pro in February this year. Note that is just four months, how many people do you know out there who makes that much in that period?

His gaming name is Benjyfishy and is currently among the world’s best Fortnite players. His decision to quit school might just turn out to be the best career move he will ever take. He makes more as a teen playing video games than most adult professional out here doing their 9-to-5 per year.

Benjyfishy has reached the finals for both the solo and duo Fortnite game. If he can win both, he will be banking a check of £4 million ($ 5.09 million). Benjy says that if he wins that prize, the first thing in his mind will be to help mom.

I don’t know what I’d buy myself but I’d love to buy a house for my mum and I. My dad passed away from cancer when I was only eight months old and we were made homeless and have been renting ever since. A place we could call our own would be brilliant.”

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