Tech Project Management Tool Review Project Management Tool Review is a project management tool founded in 2012 and launched as an independent startup in 2014.

This platform is a visual collaboration tool that helps transform the way teams work collaboratively. It is a simple, flexible, transparent and intuitive tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines and build a culture of transparency. Using this tool, you can see your progress and what steps need to be taken to keep moving forward. It provides a clear overview of all your projects and a way to have your entire team aware of what’s next! eliminates the requirement

of long email threads and unnecessary meetings. Entire communication, discussion and files are centered at one place which enables one never to miss any key information. It integrates with various third-party applications and has its own mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS. Some of the characteristics of this tool are:
  • Flexibility: This tool modifies itself automatically to be ’each to their own’ from precise project planning to detailed jargon.
  • Intuitiveness: It’s use is so easy that clients can easily understand their role.
  • Collaborative: It eliminates emails and allows communication in context. You can share files get feedback and discuss everything that matters with your team.
  • Transparent: It provides accessibility to everyone on your team. Team members can see everything they want. has received 4.6/5 rating by reviewers on GetApp.


There are four pricing tiers that offers, based on the number of users you have. Pricing starts from five users and goes up to 200+. The ‘Basic’ plan is approximately $21 per month. Whereas, the ‘Standard’ plan is for $32 per month and is the most popular no matter the number of users. It includes all the ‘Basic’ plan offers along with timeline, calendar, map view, unlimited activity log, board sharing, form customization, advanced search etc. The ‘Pro’ package is for $49 per month and the ‘Enterprise’ package for $98 per month. offers a free 14-day trial of the ‘Pro’ plan.


On entering your email address, you are sent a confirmation code. Then various questions are asked through a series of screens. These include questions for the number of users, the platform usage and useful tools. You must choose your workspace name and URL. Then the dashboard is displayed. You can now setup your project. walks you through this. You can choose a template from a variety that this tool offers. After choosing the template, a pop-up video loads showing you how to use it. You can manage your project now.


  • The ‘Board View’ feature allows you to visualize your board’s information in multiple views.
  • The ‘View Center’ shows a variety of various board views.
  • com offers a range of columns that can be used to completely customize your board.
  • It integrates with a variety of applications that include Excel, Trello, Google Calendar, Dropbox etc.
  • The stories page enables users to share knowledge and information.
  • All plans except the ‘Basic’ plan include API access so users with coding knowledge can integrate their own apps with the platform.



Fahad Saleem

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