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Mondo Ride rolls out Motorbike Taxi Hailing service in Kenya

by Milicent Atieno
Mondo Ride rolls out Motorbike Taxi-hailing service in Kenya

Motorbikes serve as an excellent taxi when you want to beat traffic by maneuvering in between the tights space in cars stuck in traffic. It can be literally a lifesaver especially when you are in a hurry and traffic is terrible. Mondo Ride app now lets you hail a motorbike taxi, as an additional choice on top of the option to hail a car taxi.

The Dubai-based and Romanian founded online motorbike taxi hailing app, Mondo Ride, has launched in Kenya. A market that is increasingly being targeted by similar services; it already has Uber, Little (powered by Safaricom) and Sendy (also powered by Safaricom). Sendy offers both car and motorbike taxi hailing service.

The launch of Mondo Ride effectively puts it into direct competition with Sendy; they both provide commuters the two options of a motorbike or a car for taxi. Mondo Rid, a Dubai-based and Romanian-founded company, entered the Kenyan market back in January 2016. It has now upgraded its product mix offering to commuters to include motorbike taxi services.Mondo Ride rolls out Motorbike Taxi-hailing service in Kenya

Mondo is charging Ksh. 25 per kilometer with a base fare of Ksh.50 and the minimum charge being Ksh.100.

In regards to just how many riders Mondo Ride has, Joar Lindh, the Mondo Ride head of Africa told Business Daily, “We are onboarding riders. I cannot disclose any numbers as this is sensitive information.”

Lindh fell short in mention just how much riders will be taking home, but said it will be free for riders for the first three months. A move clearly meant to sign up more motorbike riders to the taxi hailing platform.

Mondo’s main competitor, Sendy also offering both car and motorbike taxi hailing services, chargers commuters Ksh. 200 for rides under seven kilometers long. Any distance over that is charged at Ksh.30 per kilometer. Sendy also has a bigger market share in and outside Nairobi, to other Kenyan cities like Kisumu and Mombasa.

Motorbike taxis have been a thing across cities and towns in the East African region, but innovative tech solutions such as Sendy and Mondo Ride are yet to enroll a significant number of riders. Judging the success Uber has received in East Africa, there is definitely the need among users for the convenience to call a motorbike taxi from their phone.

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