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A Moroccan Man – Aadin Akhazine’s Engine Runs on 20% Fuel While Remaining 80% Being Water

A Moroccan Man – Aadin Akhazine’s Engine Runs on 20% Fuel While Remaining 80% Being Water
Crude oil has become so important to the life of the modern man. It has reached a record high whereby it determines virtually the cost of everything in any country. The situation is even worse for countries that don’t have oil reserves within their borders, as they will always fall victim to imported inflation. To underscore the importance of oil, it has been observed time and time again that nations will even go to war to protect or acquire oil reserves, (as it is alleged to be the reason why the US invaded Iraq, or why Sudan and South Sudan are at war path and it is believed to be the core reason of internal wrangles within South Sudan).

So oil or “Black Gold” as it is sometimes referred to is on all time high demand, industrialized nations have always had a high demand for it, and now that industrialization is picking up in many “3rd World Countries”. This only means that the demand for oil to power up the industries’ machinery and locomotion vehicles is only expected to increase ten folds. The problem is that the supply of oil is getting lower by the

day, as the demand for oil surges by the day. The basic low of Economics states that “when the demand of a commodity exceeds its supply, then prices are bound to increase and the increase will continue for long as the difference in demand and supply levels increases”

This only means that any country, industry, company or individual is bound to feel the pinch of the ever increasing oil prices. While this is very true, one Moroccan, Aadin Akhazine has set out to provide a cheaper alternative to this ever increasing problem.

His idea is actually an innovation on the “unsuccessful” idea of an American Inventor named Paul Pantone. Mr. Akhazine came up with an engine which is powered by burning a carburant fuel consisting of 20% fuel and 80% water.

The basic idea behind Mr. Akhazine’s engine is employing the heat which is being produced from the water as energy. This essentially lowers the cost of oil consumption by the engine, since it only requires 20% of the carbon-based oil fuel other conventional engines require, the remaining 80% is water, which is often cheaply available. Mr. Akhazine has perfected his carburant-based engine that he has fitted a suitable model to his water pumps, generators and even vehicles among others. The immediate advantage of this engine is that it will cut down on your cost of buying fuel by 80%, another fundamental importance of this engine is that it cuts down on carbon dioxide pollution to the atmosphere and thus reducing global warming.

This idea was first developed by Paul Pantone, but it never gained enough ground to be commercialized due to various allegations which even lead to him being put in a mental institution. However, in later years another big organization picked up Paul’s idea and used it to form a series of low fuel consumption and eco-friendly engines under the banner Global Environmental Energy Technology (GEET)

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