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Most Common Excuses Students use to put off an Essay


Student life is usually vibrant, full of excitement, and unforgettable adventures. But sometimes, it is also filled with excuses, especially when an essay is waiting to be written. There are the most common excuses students use when they want to put off an essay writing task. They are listed below. Check them out and see which ones are your favorite when you are not in the creative mood and want to avoid working on a paper at any cost.

Remember, it is essential to put this practice aside, as it can become a habit, and you don’t want it to happen. You will have many essays in front of you that need to be completed as soon as possible.

There is plenty of time

Students’ first mistake is when they think a week or two is far away and there is plenty of time. When you start using this as an excuse, you will end up panicking a day before the deadline, figuring out you haven’t completed the essay. But even in this case, you have a way out. And it’s very easy, you can just turn to a custom essay writing service and still meet the deadline.

You can’t miss a party!

When you are in college, there will always be parties and good times around every corner. And when you are invited, saying no to social life, music, and fun is pretty hard. And there it is – another excuse many students use to put off an essay. You will also say that you will complete the paper the very next day, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Distractions are everywhere, and you pick one after another

You need to write the assignment, but whenever you look around, something distracts you. It can be your smartphone, and hey, all the social networks are where you suppose to be now, right? All the scrolling can’t be missed. There’s a TV, laundry you need to put away, and many other things that look more fun than the writing in front of you.

You are so tired

While this excuse can often be true, especially if you are a student with a job, it is often just an excuse. It is pretty interesting how students never say they are tired when there is a party nearby, but sleeping is a much better option when it is time for writing.

What to do if you are out of time using all the excuses?

The most common excuses are that the deadline is not near, the party is where you need to be, you are too distracted and tired. With all these, you will end up running out of time without an essay in your hands.

In such cases, the only logical thing you can do is get an essay writing service. Place an order and hire a professional writer who will complete your paper as soon as possible. It is an ideal solution in such cases, and it washes away all the stress within seconds.


Students want to study, but they want to have fun at the same time. Papers are often dull and time-consuming, so students get very creative when using excuses to put off an essay. Every student was there at some point, but today, there is a solution if you eventually run out of time and the paper is not written. You can hire a professional writer to do the work for you as fast as possible.

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