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Most Innovative Startups of 2018

by Fahad Saleem

Tens of startups are launched daily around the world. But only a few qualify to be called as innovative. We have startups from different categories like blockchain, cryptocurrency, healthcare, automobiles and basic problem-solving. Below are the most innovative and trendiest startups that will influence our lives in the coming years by solving common human problems.

Zero Mass Water

Using super absorbent material, it demands to draw up five liters of drinking water daily from sunlight and air using Source panels. It has no electrical or pipe input and no infrastructure as well; a water independence system. So far Zero Mass Water has produced almost 61000 liters of water. This solar powered system is being used in Jordan, Mexico & USA.


The most important aspect for autonomous cars is to make sure that they have enough data to see the roads. DeepMap, founded by team of ex-Googlers, creates HD maps for self-driving cars for safe autonomy. It offers a robust and full-stack mapping service by keeping in view the traffic rules and 3D environment.

Voyage Self-driving Taxi

Voyage is aiming to make a fleet of self-driving taxis affordable or maybe free by using retrofitted mass-production automobiles. Its main idea is to use already built cars and make them autonomous rather than developing them from scratch. Moreover, Voyage is thriving to make sure user interaction with vehicles is better so that passengers can simply use their voice to stop the self-driving taxi.

Obsidian Security

A security startup which anticipates helping safeguard enterprises’ data. It was founded by all-star team of security experts from Carbon Blank and Cylance. Basically it is struggling to secure hybrid computer systems that connect company’s internal data centers to cloud services on internet. Furthermore, Obsidian security is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to design its security solutions for customers.


This company is utilizing decentralized proxy re-encryption to haul up enterprises’ sensitive big data stored in databases to a cloud on internet. It’s an encryption and security platform for cloud, big data, blockchain, distributed systems and Internet of Things.


Aion is a startup powered by world class developers and supported by advisers having era of operational experience. It’s a Toronto, Canada startup which constructs custom private and public blockchains by using its adaptable blockchain network for government, banks and enterprise clients. It can also be joined together with other blockchain networks such as Bitcoin.

White Raven

An innovative Israeli startup of AI software and digital browser which connects self-driving cars. By using computer vision and deep learning, it redefines our interaction with smart cars by using a visual search engine to place data on real-time car camera footage. It uses AI model which can analyze information like navigation, addresses, tourism information and even where a building starts and ends when your car passes by.


According to the AAFA more than 50 million people suffer from allergies due to pollutants. Molekule is a startup founded by Dilip Goswami (CEO), Jaya Rao (COO) and Dr. Yogi Goswami (Chief Scientist), which aims at cleaning up the pollution using nanotechnology. It sells an air purifier which uses nanotechnology that breaks down and removes pollutants at a molecular level. Molekule simply destroys the particles instead of just breaking it down like other similar systems.

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