Most Popular Products of 2018

Below, we have compiled a list of most popular products of 2018 you should know about that will surely distinguish 2018.

Apple iPhone X

Apple’s new iPhone X symbolizes Apple’s foresight on the future of smartphones. It has an amazing OLED retina display without bezels. iPhone X gets rid of the fingerprint sensor and introduces a high-tech facial recognition setup. It features the most powerful chipset, waterproof body, wireless charging and exceptional dual camera. Apple’s iPhone X, the most popular product of 2018, costs $999 and above.


A watch which is a smart locator with voice for kids. It acts like a second mother of a child for security wherever your child is. FiLIP 2 watches over children so that they never get lost and it creates a strong connection between the kids and their parents.

Wireless Smart LED Bulb

This product lets you control your LED bulb with 80% less consumption. You can change its settings as desired to highlight or dim the bulb by using its mobile App.  The wireless smart LED bulb has a soft white light. These bulbs are a must-have product for 2018.

Samsung The Wall

This latest 146-inch TV by Samsung is made using Micro-LEDs which provides an alternative to the OLED screens. This most popular product 2018 promises to produce deeper black tones and infinite contrast.

The PowerDolphin

It is a world of drones; drones on the ground, drones in the air and now drones in the water. PowerDolphin, as incredible as it sounds, can capture photos and 4K videos underwater at 30 frames per second. Also, it uses sonar to design topographical maps of the ocean floor. It has endless possibilities which are very useful for water sports, fishing, photography, aquatic search and rescue. The PowerDolphin comes with 215-degree dual joint rotation camera. This most popular product 2018 would cost you $749.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

The virtual reality headsets nowadays usually expect your computer or your phone for most of the heavy lifting work. But the Lenovo Mirage Solo eradicates all of these limitations of the smartphone. It uses Google’s Daydream software and provides great contrast and remarkable resolution. This most popular product 2018 has six degrees of freedom (6DoF) which was previously only available in high-end products. It costs just $400.


Cloudious 9 Hydrology 9

An amazing and one of the most popular products of 2018 that combines vaping and smoking. What makes it unique is its Hydrology 9’s removable, glass mouthpiece for your lips to fit inside. Moreover, the mouthpiece has a magnetized cap that will ensure that no dust particles get in. Also, this most popular product 2018 has a unique water chamber; vapors move through the water chamber which gives users both clean vapor of a vaporizer and cooling effect of a water pipe. Cloudious 9 hydrology 9 would cost you $250.

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