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Most Underrated Countries to Travel to According to Reddit


Summer season is here and everyone is looking for places and countries to travel to. We scoured travel-related threads on Reddit to find out the most underrated countries to travel to this summer. If you want to avoid crowded and expensive tourist destinations this year and are looking for something unique and memorable, this list is for you.


Slovenia is one of the most underrated countries to travel to according to Reddit. In the threads we researched Slovenia had the highest number of votes and comments as Redditors overwhelmingly agree that country’s nature, historical places and overall experience is underrated. A Redditor called Slovenia “stunningly beautiful” and another one said:

“Been there and I can confirm, it was an incredible experience!”

One of the best things about the country is that it’s still less touristy and you will have a lot of space and options to yourself. A Redditor recommended renting a car to see around Slovenia.


Redditors think Albania is an underrated country to travel to because it’s beautiful and very affordable. Redditors also praised the country’s food and history:

Albania is underrated! Fresh seasonal food and gorgeous beaches.

Here is another comment from a Redditor on Albania listing things that make the country worth visiting:

Fantastic nature and scenery, cheap, great food, and not spoiled by travel industry or big businesses.

It’s pretty wild and not as developed as any of the neighbors, but very genuine and I’m into that kind of stuff.

Downsides: very few people talk English.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a surprising entry in our list, but an overwhelming number of Redditors shared that the country is a must-visit and is often ignored by tourists. Here is a comment from a Redditor who visited 60 countries:

I’ve been to 60 countries and that’s one of my favorites

What Redditors liked the most about the country are its historical places, rivers to swim, cheap food and overall experience in addition to the hospitality of the people.

Here is another comment from a Redditor who saw the country:

 We swam in natural pools with waterfalls, ate delicious food, took a million pictures of Mostar during golden hour, and met some cool Bosnian people who took us out to some nightclubs. I loved it! There were days when we felt like the only tourists. The natural landscapes were stunning as well.

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