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Move to Apple Music Lets You Export Spotify Songs and Playlists to Apple Music

by Fahad Saleem

Spotify, being the top music streaming service around for years, has been the priority of the billions of music fans around the world. Spotify was regarded as the cognoscenti of the music streaming on mobile and other devices, but then Apple launched its own music streaming service, luring millions of people within days. Importing Spotify songs and playlists into Apple Music is not an easy task. While some developers grappled with this issue by launching some complex methods, importing a Spotify song and playlist into Apple Music was a daunting task for a layperson. But there is a new app in the town which is the best option to move Spotify music to Apple Music. “Move to Apple Music” is an app for Mac, which lets you sync and connect iTunes and Spotify in the start, and then move the songs and playlists to Apple Music.

Export Spotify Songs and Playlists to Apple Music

Download Move to Apple Music.

Login Spotify or Radio, and select the playlists you want to transfer.

There is a tricky part involved in this step, which shows the premature development of this app. You have to go to iTunes and like the songs which you want to export to Apple Music. Connection could get lost meanwhile, but, as the app urges you to don’t lose hope, you have to hit and try again and again. But don’t worry, it won’t take long.

If you don’t understand what’s explained above, just follow the on screen instructions: click on “Capture Session”, which is the green button on the Move to Apple Music app interface. Now head over to iTunes and like the songs by clicking the heart icon. If you see a popup, click Continue and the song will be exported to Apple Music, otherwise try again.

move to apple music 2

After all the songs are liked and queued, you could start matching and transferring the songs. The process takes a while, and produces .txt files in the end, which you could import in iTunes.

Move to Apple Music costs $4.99, but considering the importance of the task it does, it’s worth it.

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