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Moving Packing: What Can’t You Do Without?


Are you about to move to a new place and want to prepare all your belongings for safe transportation? Wonder if you can do everything yourself or hire professionals? Is it possible to only use what you have to properly prepare your stuff for the relocation? We are here to answer these questions and offer advice on how to manage a successful moving!

Self-moving or hiring pros: what should I choose?

This question appears first when you need to move your whole home or business to a new place. Do professional movers know some secret packing hacks for moving, or can you do everything yourself? The answer depends on the number and type of items you want to move and whether some of them require special treatment. Of course, you are capable of packing your clothes and kitchen utensils, but what do you do with fragile glassware or valuable art pieces?

The advantage of hiring professional movers is the experience they bring to the process to make sure your belongings will safely travel and arrive undamaged. A proper moving company has all that is needed to carefully pack and transport fancy porcelain, expensive designer items, a piano, or a large fish tank. By hiring pros, you spare yourself unnecessary stress and don’t worry about some valuable items being broken.

If you don’t own things to care about that much, try to manage packing yourself, and we will tell you some moving packing tips to do everything right.

Tips on choosing the right packing

Start with sorting out your stuff. While it’s not a crime to put books and clothes in one box, it will be easier for you to unpack quickly if everything is properly arranged. Think about what you can use as a packing material and what you need to buy additionally to start with. While clothes and stuffed toys can be safely transported even in trash pockets, you need something with a rigid frame to pack dishes and tableware. You might need to purchase some boxes as they are good for almost everything they can accommodate. So, let’s see what else you might need to pack all your stuff for the moving.

Essential kit for moving

There are several things you can’t do without when packing. Some of them help your belongings remain intact while you bring them from one place to another, and some help you arrange the process and experience fewer difficulties when unpacking. So, here is your checklist:

Boxes of different sizes

Packing boxes for moving are a must and the first thing that comes to mind when you need to pack your stuff. You may use some of those left from large electronics, or you may need to purchase some additional boxes; the thing is, you need them to be of various sizes to better fit the purpose. Consider buying some from a grocery store to have packing options.

Duct tape

You need to fix the boxes to make sure they won’t fall apart. Get the tape from a hardware store, as not any type of it is suitable to fix moving boxes.

Marker or labels

You need something to mark the packages and boxes, especially if you have a moving company to work for you. It is important to understand if the box requires extra care.


Sure, you can use some crumpled paper to fix things in boxes, but fillers won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and they work well to amortize fragile things. Consider purchasing some for your most delicate glass and vases.

Wrapping up

You don’t need special materials for every moving, but some things are really necessary to accurately pack your stuff. While you can use your sweater to secure your favorite teacup, the strong tape to seal the boxes is recommended nevertheless. If you own some valuable items that need special treatment and care, opt for professional help and think about insurance to make sure you’ll be able to fix the damage. Think your packing through and consider our tips to safely move to a new place.

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