Mozilla Firefox goes full throttle on Privacy with the new Tor-based security upgrades

mozilla firefox

Guys over at Mozilla have created a big name for themselves on the online privacy and security front. The Firefox browser as it has all along been has been praised to a lot by third-party reviewers on privacy and security.

It would seem that the guys over at Mozilla wants to take it a notch higher, and they have just baked into Firefox browser, top-notch online privacy, and security standard commonly available on the Tor browser.

For those of you not familiar with Tor browser, it is a browser mainly used to access deep web and dark web content. One uses the browser alongside VPN and a tweak on DNS to remain completely anonymous online as well as erasing all digital footprint on the web.

In its upcoming update, Firefox browser will do away with the feature, canvas fingerprinting. Mozilla wants to eliminate this feature as it enables tracking of the user(s) across multiple websites without using cookies. Mozilla plans to achieve that by implementing some of the features found in the Tor browser; Tor browser is a modified Firefox code that already blocks these types of tracking.

Canvas fingerprinting is available in all the major browsers and allows sites to extrapolate your data without your explicit permission.

Canvas printing particularly helps advertisers to feed you targeted ads, since it tracks you across multiple sites and coming up with your behavior pattern and thus likely interest. This method is more efficient than cookies or tokens.

If you are not comfortable with the idea that advertisers and websites are tracking your activities online, then a browser without canvas printing is exactly what you need; and that is exactly what Firefox is becoming.

The developers at Mozilla working on the browser as well as on other project seem to have a single stand; that people should be aware of what exactly is being done with the data mined from them. This information will then empower users, by letting them decide what type of information they will like to give out there, and how its use will likely affect them in one way or the other.

Mozilla has, for instance, created the Data Selfie tool, which gives users a clear picture of what kind of information Facebook has about them.

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