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Mr. Jump: Amazing Addictive iPhone, iPad Game Gets 5 Million Downloads in 4 Days

It incredible to see in a full frenzied and cluttered market of mobile games, a simple, addictive and clean game with straightforward interface always stands out. Another addictive game has arrived for the iOs users. Mr. Jump is an endless jumping games for iPhone and iPad. The game is developed by France’s 1Button. It has one simple plot: you have to save Mr. Jump from hurdles, pitfalls during his journey to complete his goals. You have only one control: screen tap. That’s it. No bullshit moves, no complex controls and strategies.

Check out the video of a gameplay from Mr. Jump.

Mr. Jump has got more than 5 million downloads. The developers are making millions of dollars daily. Mr. Jump for iPhone and iPad

has in-app purchases and ads. It doesn’t want to you pay if you want to win.
Mr. Jump has pop-up ads in the games. You can play an add free version of this addictive game by paying $1.99. There are 12 levels of Mr. Jump for now. You can
complete each level to unlock the next level. You can also pay $0.99 to reach the next level if you are too curious or unable to beat the challenge of a certain level. The developers say that they are working on new levels and features of this game.

Mr. Jump has simple blocky design of tiles. Controls are easy. The longer you tap, the longer Mr. Jump jumps. The simple game becomes tough because you cannot just simply tap and beat

hurdles. You have to weigh your moves, do complete pattern memorization. Jérémie Francone, the lead developer says that the game was made with an intent to give an enjoyable experience to the iOS users and make money with a user-friendly, way.

Download Mr. Jump from App Store

Photo Source: TechCrunch

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