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Museum Fundraisers; Trends from the Future


Museums have the biggest role in preserving the past, culture and heritage. However, their leaders still need to be prepared for the trends that may come in future to keep the museum running and to do successful fundraisers. Fundraisers are very important to sustain museums because such events contribute to funding museums. It is about time when the leaders understand that they need to reinvent the museum fundraisers to keep the funds coming. The market and audience is changing and evolving constantly, thus museums too need to learn new techniques to adapt to the modern times. By using technology and connecting to a new and more diverse audience, you can engage better with new emerging donors and potential patrons.

So what exactly has to be done? Here are some trends that will contribute a lot in the future of museum fundraiser events that are so underrated but crucial for cultural preservation.

Tell a story

We are living in a time where information and content is available everywhere easily; be it through the traditional media or the internet. So gone are the days when people were enthusiastic about information. Nobody really connects to generic information anymore as they already know most of it. People rather connect more to personal stories now as they feel more fresh and connectable. Thus it is important to have a story to humanize and make it relatable on a personal level. Tell the story about your museum, keep forward the message, outline your priorities and your museum’s ‘need’ list to make it a clear case of support.

Marketing and Communication

Your product or service can be the best among all your competitors but if it’s not marketed properly, people don’t know about your product/service and it becomes a huge failure. So be it the museum itself or the museum fundraiser, market it well in a strategic manner. If you genuinely want the targeted ‘new-age donors’, market your fundraiser at the right place; every social media platform to enhance the effects of the appropriate offline events that have always been used traditionally. Crowdfunding alone may look like a good idea at first but it doesn’t reach the new donors i.e. the younger generation. Thus small fundraisers on social media platforms become way more communicative and engaging than the offline crowdfunding alone. Get digital savvy and use the internet to reach the masses.

Use technology

Yet again, as we live in a time that has easy access to all kinds of information, the same old museums can be a bit difficult to relate to. As the targeted new donors are more tech-savvy, they look for tech in every possible thing. So, use technology to enhance the museum’s overall indulgence experience. Integrating mobile phones to the museum experience and using AI and robots are a very good example of incorporating tech into the museum experience that a lot of museums have started doing, without making it difficult for those who like the traditional experience more.

Craft is an event management company in Saudi that also offers unique services with technological integrations to enhance galleries/museum design through a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality that will make your museum look more futuristic.

Make things quirkier

Keeping the cold corporate approach for a museum fundraiser doesn’t really work well. The new generation patrons like informal and casual strategies more than the solid corporate strategies. Making things quirkier in the museum and the fundraiser can help in this scenario.

Museum staff is a precious asset when it comes to making things quirkier and representing a story. Thus the staffing having a catching enthusiasm is very important for your museum fundraisers. Rather than the traditional corporate brainstorming, taking help of the staff through regular storytelling sessions to choose artifacts that are relatable to an extent to people and also has a fundraiser value can be a way to make things way quirkier and real which will help you catch the eye of the new generation donors.


The world is changing and this change is inevitable. So to do successful fundraisers, your museum needs to have a more relatable image than it had a few years ago. In such a situation, balancing the old and new techniques can not only elevate your museum fundraiser but also make it more relevant.

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