#MuseveniDecides Uganda Presidential Election: Social Media & Mobile Money Blocked

#MuseveniDecides Uganda Presidential Election: Social Media & Mobile Money Blocked

Today Ugandans are at the polls electing their next government. The incumbent President, 71-year-old Yoweri Museveni is seeking to secure another term, after his 30 consecutive years as Uganda’s President.

The 2016 Ugandan Presidential election race has been described as the tightest race in the history of that country. Emerging reports indicate the voting has been cancelled in one of the polling station in Uganda’s capital Kampala; following clashes with the police.

It is also being reported that Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and even mobile money services have been shut down across Uganda. The voting process in itself is being said to be plagued by delays.

According to the local media in Uganda; the Head of Uganda’s media regulator, Godfrey Mutabazi said the electoral commission requested the social media shutdown to stop voter bribery through the platform.

MTN Uganda (a mobile service carrier) has also confirmed that it received an order instructing them to shut down social media services.

However, innovative Ugandans are finding workarounds the social media shut down through Virtual Private Network (VPN), and the hashtag #UgandaDecides is still trending.

In Kenya, a new hashtag has begun trending #MuseveniDecides, with users ridiculing Museveni on his definition of a free and fair election.

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