Must-have Features of a Mobile-friendly Website in Houston

Must-have Features of a Mobile-friendly Website in Houston

While every 1 in 3 manufacturers in Texas calls Houston home, it ranks #4 among US metros in Fortune 500 headquarters.

Statistics show that 70% of consumers in this Space City do an online search before purchasing offline. On the other hand, over 40% of in-store sales get influenced by online searches.

And with 68% of Houston smartphone users accessing the internet every day, it becomes essential to have a mobile-friendly website to have a successful business in Houston. Leading specialists in web design Houston have expertise in developing and maintaining mobile responsive web designs while offering social media optimization. Here are the must-have features you should consider while creating a mobile-friendly website for your applications in Houston.

Simple Web Design for Easy Navigation

Color blocking, used in both content and image-heavy pages, allows the adequate spacing between various elements in a website. It gives a clutter-free appeal to any site, even on a small screen like a mobile. This concept is currently a raging trend in Houston.

Top consultants focus on creating a clean, minimalist design with the entire menu behind a hamburger button. It enables your site visitors to navigate it effortlessly and find the products they wish to purchase right on their smartphone.

A Responsive Design

As per recent statistics, there was a three-fold increase in smartphone users in Houston in the last decade. Today, there are over 1 million, making mobiles the primary source of internet access in Space City.

If you wish to retain your repeat customers who might visit your site from various devices, it makes sense to have a responsive design.

Web design experts ensure your web pages automatically reformat according to your client’s mobile device. The content remains easily browsable, be it a tablet or smartphone.

High Website Speed Features

With ISPs like Frontier and AT&T providing internet service in Houston, more than 80% of the locals have access to high-speed internet.

With such a facility available to more residents, you can have a mobile-friendly website that loads quickly to reach a more extensive customer base in a short time.

Industry leaders implement site speed improvement tactics, including AMP and compressed images. They also monitor your web hosting plan, ensuring your website load time does not take a hit.

Easy Navigation to Key Information

Market experts suggest that mobile auto workshops, job placement agencies, and computer repair businesses have excellent prospects in Houston this year.

When you pursue any of these ventures, your website should furnish the information that your clients require the most. And more importantly, they should be able to find it easily.

Top professionals look at Google Analytics to understand the traffic behavior. Accordingly, they recommend the details you need to have on your most-visited pages.

Easy Swiping Functionality

Houston has three airports, making cab service the best small investment venture in Space City.

If you are into such businesses, where your customers are on the go, you can make things easier for them by including multiple gestures to navigate through your site.

Leading consultants incorporate functionalities like touching, double-tapping and dragging, making your site friendlier for your clientele.

Large Font Sizes

Considering Shopify stores in Houston, there are close to 950 companies, predominantly in the categories such as fashion, clothing, arts and grocery.

In such sectors, your business website needs to furnish loads of information. For instance, if it’s apparel, you would have to include details about size, stock and price. Likewise, if it’s groceries, you need to provide a detailed description.

Experienced professionals in web design in Houston use a font size of around 14px, which is best suitable for making reading on a mobile screen less strenuous. They stick to standard fonts, ensuring your site visitors need not download any font to view your site, which could otherwise slow down your site.

Large Size Buttons for Easy Usage

In the Greater Houston Area, there are over 300 eCommerce firms, funded by Seed, non-equity assistance and equity crowdfunding.

With so many adversaries in the market, you need to have a website that customers find easy to use. One way to ensure your mobile-friendly website impresses the visitors is to make the navigation buttons adequately large to work on mobile.

Leading specialists focus on this feature, particularly for those pages where your clients make purchases by clicking several buttons at every stage towards the final payment.

Summing Up

While Houston ranks #12 out of 46 metros for overall tech employment, it is a hub for digital summits where top visionaries speak about different digital marketing facets.

With 25% of smartphone users going online using their phones, it is best to enroll a reputable web design agency to develop a mobile-friendly website for your venture. Rest assured, you can increase your digital footprint and make record-breaking sales revenue in Space City.

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