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How to Mute Group Messages on iPhone and iPad

by Fahad Saleem
How to Mute Group Messages on iPhone and iPad

How to Mute Group Messages on iPhone and iPad

Group Messaging on Phone  and iPad is a great tool for engaging many people into a conversation. It is not necessary that all the people might like to be part of that particular group chatting. Some members might want to mute group messages on iPhone. This article shows you how to mute group messages iPhone. You will be relieved from the barrage of messages on your iPhone. You can mute a selective group chat in the Message app of your iOS device.

Mute Group Messages iPhone

This feature is completely different from leaving the group chat. The latter feature stops the incoming messages from a specific group. In the former case, the messages will keep on coming, but they will not disturb you with ringtones or vibrations. This feature could well be considered as an extension of the “Do Not Disturb” feature in the iOS. But, it is only applicable to the specific message threads where you have enabled it. The Mute feature doesn’t follow the timer.

The option of muting the group messages in iPhone is available only in iOS 8 or later versions. Follow the simple steps for muting the group messages.

  • Go to the Messages app of your iOS 8 and then tap on the group messages/conversation which you want to mute.
  • Tap on the “Details” text in the corner of the group chat.

How to Mute Group Messages on iPhone and iPad

  • You need to scroll down, and then toggle the switch for “Do Not Disturb” to the “On” position. This action will instantly mute all the notifications of the specific group conversation.

How to Mute Group Messages on iPhone and iPad

  • This feature must be enabled per conversation basis. When you mute one group message, the messages from other groups will be unaffected by your actions.
  • You can also unmute the group conversation easily. Go back to the Details->Do Not Disturb option and simply toggle it off. Alternatively, delete the group conversation thread. When the people from the group text you again, the messages will be notified as usual. You can turn off the group chat notifications universally through the Control Centre.

In short, it is very easy to mute group messages iPhone. You just need to use the features of the extension provided by the Do Not Disturb facility. You will be saved from the headache of being notified for the group messages again and again. You will still receive all the group message threads.


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