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How to Mute a Twitter Conversation to Stop Annoying Notifications

by Fahad Saleem

It happens almost daily: I leave my two cents on a Tweet which I find interesting on my Twitter TL, but soon the conversation becomes a nuisance  because every time someone comment on the conversation, I get a notification. But thankfully, there is a feature to mute conversation on Twitter. You can easily turn off notifications Twitter and mute conversation on Twitter to save time and avoid disturbance.

Mute Conversation on Twitter in Android, iPhone and Web

If you want to mute a Twitter conversation in Android or iPhone, just open the app and tap on the small drop down option on the top right corner of the screen and hit “mute conversation” option. The conversation will be muted immediately. It’s that simple.

No matter how many people react or leave comments on the tweet where you have left your comment, you will not get any notification.

mute-twitter-1 mute-twitter-2

If you want to mute conversation on Twitter website, click on the tweet you want to mute the conversation for and click on its time stamp. Now click on the more button (three dots) at the bottom. You will see a menu here which will have the mute conversation option. Just use this option and the twitter conversation will be muted.

Now, if you change mind, and want to get full reactions and indulge in engagements, just follow the above instructions and you will see “unmute” options.


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