is the latest e-Commerce site for Kenyans looking to sell digital products


Named after one of the busiest (and most crowded open markets) in Kenya, joins the growing list of Kenya’s online marketplaces and stores consumers can buy products with ease.

The e-commerce site is designed to allow Kenyans to sell their digital product and then get paid with ease. Some of the digital products Kenyans can buy and sell at include, but not limited to: eBooks, software, graphic design work, photos, music, KASNEB Notes, revision papers, official documents, and WordPress themes.

Elvis Nyakangi, the founder of the online marketplace, says the goal of is to do away with the hustle and bustle most sellers and buyers get when they’re looking to sell or buy such products. Money payments will be via mobile money options like M-Pesa and Airtel Money. There is also the option for Visa among others.

Nyakangi adds that sellers selling their products on will enjoy from free digital marketing from their team. They will also get secure online payment from their customers. Since the platform sells digital products, it is easy for pirates to get online and pass off other people’s works as their own and benefit. Nyakangi assures users that they have a strong anti-piracy policy that will alert customers and stop the redistribution of copyrighted material for commercial use.

How will e-Commerce Startups compete against Social Media?

With social media, sellers and buyers can easily link up. It also has the advantage of not having to open up new accounts; with the associated need for giving up your data to more parties online.

Startups like (among many other similar e-commerce startups) will have a tough time convincing users to use their platform when they can easily find what they want on platforms they already are; social media. You only need to look at what a thorn Facebook has become to e-commerce giants like the OLX, to know things will be even tougher for small startup e-commerce site just starting out.

The founder of is also the brains behind Kyote Internet Group Limited that runs,, and

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