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Mutter Mail, Newest Kid On The Apps’ Block For Sending ‘Evaporating’ Messages

by Felix Omondi
Mutter Mail, Newest Kid On The Apps’ Block For Sending ‘Evaporating’ Messages

Technology comes with many conveniences, but there is always an ugly side to beautiful or a downside to greatness. Take social media for instance. You can get into a lot of trouble with hastily sent Twitter and Facebook message.

Not to mention, you never know if there’s an unauthorized third party who is privy to your conversations online. Think about all the allegations of government bodies spying on its citizens and even hackers who can compromise the systems privacy.

Well, Mutter Mail is the latest app that allows users to send messages back and forth, with each message lasting for about 30 seconds before disappearing without any trace. This app lets you chat anonymously, and all your sent messages and photos evaporate within 30 seconds of being received on the other end.

Mutter Mail was created by a 17-year-old teen Nick Pitoniak, a senior at the York Suburban High School from Spring Garden Township. As a teen, he very well understands the problems find themselves in after sending out messages without thinking twice. Parents could stumble upon messages you wouldn’t have wished them to see.

Mutter Mail is already available on iOS devices. Click here to download the app.

Pitoniak’s Mutter Mail join the growing list of anonymous chat apps like:

Snapchat that lets users send pictures and videos that disappear within the first 10 seconds of viewing.

Whisper gives you a platform to send and receive messages anonymously.

Yik Yak, giving you a platform to post messages publicly but anonymously to people within your surrounding geographical area.

So the next time you are thinking of sending explicit messages, pictures or videos. Think twice and use an app that will not get you into trouble. You never know your social media activities could be the make or break factor to your next job interview.

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