My iPhone Won’t Charge: iPhone Not Charging Problem Solved [Guide]

My iPhone Won’t Charge: iPhone Not Charging Problem Solved [Guide]

Battery is the quintessential part of your smartphone. We charge our phones daily to keep us going through the day. But what is charging problems arise. A number of users have reported that their iPhone  won’t charge and iPhone not charging problem is getting really common. There can be several reasons as to why iPhone won’t charge. You can fix iPhone not charging by using some techniques mentioned below.

Fix iPhone Won’t Charge Problem

Charging ports, lightning dock

The most vital reason for iPhone charging problems is the dirt and unclean ports. We use our phones daily, take them to different places, put them on tables, pockets, handle them roughly. But we never clean the ports; and the lightening dock of the iPhone is prone to collect dirt by the time.

Some of us may have the habit to clean our iPhone daily or weekly, but hardly any of us cleans the lightning dock or ports.

The other problem these dirty charging ports can cause the iPhone starts charging in the beginning, but stops after a while. This results in massive annoyance as one puts the iPhone to charge and comes back to see it’s only charged 20% or 30%. Apart from wall plug moving or unstable powerline, the dirt in the port is the primary cause of this problem too.

iPhone won’t charge problem can be fixed by solving this dirt problem. The best possible way to clean an iPhone charging port or lightning dock is to take a toothpick, put some cotton in front of it and gently use it to remove the glean from your port. Don’t do the process too hard as this could damage the port.

If iPhone won’t charge and iPhone not charging problem still comes even after removing dirt with toothpick, try using air pressure with the help of a dryer. This would remove the dirt from the inner layers of the iPhone charging ports.

Third-Party Cables and Plugs

Apple and its major repairing companies have issued a statement recently after the increasing and worrying reports of iPhone not charging problem. According to the statement, using third-party, cheap usb cables and charging plugs is one of the most common causes of iPhone won’t charge problem. Every iPhone has U2 IC chip in its board. This chip is responsible for all the incoming usb cables, voltages. The third party usb cables violate the voltages that are allowed for the iPhone. The fluctuation in the voltage causes iPhone  won’t charge problem. If you want to fix iPhone not charging issue, use the official and genuine iPhone cable and plug.

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