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MyStream Funimation Downloader: Download The Case Study of Vanitas


It is not you who is rushing to engulf the entire series of The Case Study of Vanitas in one go, it’s your passion and compelling craving for anime that always drives you to dive into the ocean of your favorite fantasy while making you free in your imagination and expectations. You can relish the limitless periphery of your fantasy world with your favorite anime series to break all the boundaries of your boredom. The most exciting part of any anime content is that it gives you complete freedom and exclusive expansion in your entertainment world. However, for any anime lover, it is very important to get clinched with their favorite fantasy world for the longest time, and therefore you can go to any extent to explode the era in your way.

But, this time with the most advanced and economic features of the mystream funimation downloader you are free from any of your online dependency to fly in your favorite fantasy world as long as you want through your economic and customized offline watch library. Once you would put forward your step to the most flexible world of funimation offline viewing, it would open up the widest windows of the entertainment world according to your convenience and specification. So, before getting fully consumed by the magnetism of this series you must get a grip on yourself while having a glance at the most promising as well as mysterious aspects of this series.

Series Name…The Case Study of Vanitas

  • Ratings: 7.7/10
  • Genre: Animation, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
  • Directed by: Tomoyuki Itamura
  • Casts: Natsuki Hanae, Kaito Ishikawa, Ai Kayano, and Inori Minase


The plot is the story mainly revolved around the vampire and the intention to cure the bloodthirst of the vampire. There was a vampire who was born in the Blue Moon instead of taking birth in the red moon and therefore he was hated by all the vampires of the red moon. To heal and cure the compulsive and obnoxious actions and attributes that had been performed by all the vampires against their will, the Blue Moon-born vampire had written a book. On the other hand, a young man comes across a mysterious doctor on his journey in Paris and the doctor who possessed the same name and the vampire curing quality of the book written by the Blue Moon vampire. The young man and the mysterious doctor were set on a mission to heal vampires while following the footstep of the book along with the assistance and guidance of the doctor.


This story began with a vampire named Vanitas who was born in Blue Moon instead of the Red Moon and therefore he was hated by all the red moon-born vampires. Vanitas was a young man but he had become a vampire once he was bitten up by a vampire. Now, while dealing with his loneliness he created a book named ‘Book of Vanitas’ to take his revenge on all the vampires. Now, a young man cum vampire named Noé was traveling in an airship in Paris when he met a mysterious doctor having the same name and the potential of the Book of Vanitas. The parents of Noe were killed in his childhood by vampires and he was taken by the chasers therefore he has an intention to cure the cruel and cursed attributes of all the vampires with the guidance of this book. Once he was attacked by the vampires the doctor had come forward to save him and started to heal the vampires who were forced to act against their will. Even though they continued their journey together to heal and cure vampires, there was something secretive and mysterious about the doctor.

The Secret Shades of the Series

Being a huge successful anime series, it is quite obvious that this content is filled with everything to meet up expectations of different sections of the audience. Now the question is how is it possible for one content to go extensively diversified while satisfying the level of dynamic expectation of the audience. The answer lies in the storyline of the series. From adventure, action to suspense and thriller, this story has covered the extensive periphery of the entertainment world in such an engaging way that you would probably finish watching this series in one go. Apart from its fantasy and horror execution, the mysterious element with emotional attachment with the characters would give a very distinctive dimension to this saga. Despite being a vampire, the thrive of getting out of its brutal behavior would give a very meaningful significance to its characterization. Along with this, the unrevealed mystery and unpredictable incident would always give you sudden surprise in the gradual flow of the story. So, unless and until you join with the journey of this series you will be surely deprived of one of the most intriguing creations of the recreation realm.

Our Verdict

If anime always comes first on your watchlist then The Case Study of Vanitas would surely occupy the top position of entertainment preference. However, while watching this saga with the highly advanced features of the mystream funimation downloader in your offline world you can easily decide how long and how far you want to continue with this show according to your preferences and convenience. The award-winning content of this series would make you relaxed and charge up with its dynamic storyline whenever you would like to watch it in your spare time while breaking your boredom and keeping you stress-free. So, from our end, this story would become a very good companion with your favorite munch in your cozy corner.

Download The Case Study of Vanitas: with mystream funimation downloader

If you think that watching OTT content is an expensive and complicated affair, you probably haven’t come across the best downloader yet. Once you would start the journey of your offline watch with the most promising functions of the mystream funimation downloader you would completely change your mind and the high-quality funimation offline viewing would give you surprises in every aspect of its application. From high-end technology to the most user-friendly application, the mystream funimation downloader would exceed the expectations of excellence in terms of entertainment satisfaction with its flawless perfection.

Now, before starting with any product you must know why, what, and how you are dealing with it and to know the specific answer to these questions you must know the product thoroughly. Now, in the case of mystream funimation downloader, from features to its step-by-step downloading instructions, you would get very teeny tiny detail of this software through this article, so that, you would end up having a very clear concept of this downloader and its uncountable advantages. So, at first, we are drawing your attention to the prime features of this downloader.


  • Make your funimation offline viewing compatible with any of your devices with the MP4 file format saving feature.
  • You can enjoy the easiest and smartest sharing and transferring feature of any of your funimation videos to all of your convenient devices.
  • Enjoy repetitive funimation offline viewing of any of your favorite content with your desired resolution between 720p to 1080p.
  • Explore your funimation offline viewing along with your comfortable subtitles, audio channel, and metadata.
  • With the highly sophisticated batch downloading feature you can automatically download multiple video content one after another at a stretch including their seasons, parts, and episodes.
  • With the high-speed downloading option you can create your offline library of hours-long videos within minutes.
  • Through the built-in browse option, you can find your videos through this downloader only.
  • You can simply skip all the commercial ads while downloading your content.

When these features would give you the answers of why you should go with the mystream funimation downloader then on the other hand while following the given below steps you would come to know how to download episodes on funimation.


First, you must finish the installation process of this downloader and after that, you need to log in to your official funimation account and then choose ‘ funimation’ from ‘ Streaming Service’ through the main interface.


Now it is time to search funimation video content for download while saving its subtitles along with other metadata.


Once you have finished your searching, just go to the ‘ Download Now’ option.

Now, you have to take the full and final step to complete this process by picking up the most reasonable subscription plan of $6.9 monthly and $69.9 annually with auto-renew and anything cancellation option along with 14 days money-back guarantee and consistent twenty-four across seven customer support.

Now if you are planning to watch the most promising anime content The Case Study of Vanitas, you must not ignore watching it with the most promising features of the mystream funimation downloader in your minimum budget. Remember one thing your one-time investment would give you multiple returns in terms of uncountable satisfaction. So, it’s time to move forward with your funimation offline viewing while leaving behind all of your online limitations and compulsion.

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