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by Milicent Atieno

If you run a business that markets, or manages a product/service, then you probably know just how valuable the ability to communicate to your customers efficiently is. As a business or organization, you will have to gather contacts and reach out to your customers either through SMS or emails. To do so efficiently, you cannot rely on the conventional SMS and emailing platforms; you need a platform tailor-made to meet the unique demands of an organization reaching out and staying in contact with a large customer base. Nigeria’s Startup SMS & Email Marketing is one such platform launched in Nigeria. MyWorkSet will enable you gather all your contacts from your organization’s website (whenever a customer sends you a message on your website, their email contact will automatically be added to your contact list) and you will not have to manually add the contacts. You can also import contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Excel files and Text. After which, you can then organize your contacts in groups and sub-groups. MyWorkSet also allows you to export your contacts at your own will. Nigeria’s Startup SMS & Email Marketing Platform

They also offer form hosting services, which can be ideal for organization that needs a website urgently or don’t want to incur a high cost with other form hosting platforms. They also enable you track all your referrals easily and making it easy for you to reward your contacts for the referrals they did.

MyWorkSet also provides SMS services that is very reliable and has a 99.9% delivery rate. Users can send SMS to all of their contacts or a particular contact group or even send SMS to contacts based on their locations. You can also customize each SMS when sending to a contact group, so that it appears like you were sending one-by-one. You can also compose your SMS and schedule it be delivered at a specific time. MyWorkSet also gives you detailed SMS delivery reports. Nigeria’s Startup SMS & Email Marketing Platform

When it comes to emailing your contacts, MyWorkSet enables you to enjoy high inbox rate. Through the platform, you can send beautiful newsletters to all your contacts. For recurrent SMS and emails, you can just schedule, them and MyWorkSet will ensure they send them as at when they are due. They also enable you to track the email delivery, click and open rates. You can also host your images and document on the platform.

You can use API on the MyWorkSet platform, which will allow you to send SMS right from your website or an application using the SMS API. You can create contacts from your site or the app directly on MyWorkSet. You can update, delete and unsubscribe your contact list by simply using the application. You can also check whether a contact is on you MyWorkSet account by simply using the app. You can also run polls and other promotions, and view a summary report on MyWorkSet. Nigeria’s Startup SMS & Email Marketing Platform

These are just some of the beneficial features and services has in store. For more details, visit their website by following this link.

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