Naijafund launches to help Nigerian crowdfund online for just about anything


Do you live in Nigeria and you have an innovative business plan or idea of a product but have no funds to bring them to life? Alternatively, are you in need of cash for any other reason and all avenues for securing those funds become one dead end after another? Well, you might want to try out Naijafund a new crowdfunding website for Nigerians where you can raise money for just about anything.

Naijafund just went live, and is inviting Nigerians from all walks of life who are looking to raise cash for any reason to sign up and stand a chance to get funded online through crowdfunding. To sign up, you must first be a Nigerian with a local bank account.

After signing up, you can then launch your crowdfunding campaign on the site and easily invite others to read about it and possibly contribute through the social media sharing tools on each campaign page. The site works on a donation basis where users who start the campaigns keep all the money they have raised; apart from the small fee charged by the site owners to keep things running. The site owners only charge the small fee only to a campaigner who has secured funding.

Once your campaign period is over, all the money contributed to your campaign will be transferred to your bank account immediately; minus the small facilitation fee of course! Naijafund policy strictly prohibits campaigners from promising people rewards and perks in return for their donations.

The site has been divided into 25 campaign categories including Medical, Business, and Education. Nigeria is currently on the corners to its general elections slated for 2019, and already the political category of the site is witnessing higher than the usual number of activities.

This is not surprising since the political campaigns for the 2019 General Elections are fast approaching,” said Amaka Osemene, the CEO, and Founder of Naijafund.

Naijafund provides an online platform to match philanthropic individuals and organizations to people in need of fundraising. At the click of a button, the person in need can ask for assistance from people or institutions that they would ordinarily not have access to, while the philanthropists will have a broader reach.

The crowdfunding service has also been able to facilitate people in making contributions towards a common goal,” added Osemene. “People have found it easier to collect contributions from family, friends, classmates, and members of associations on the platform towards their annual meetings, weddings, funerals, and parties regardless of participants’ location.”

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