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Nairobi Garage opens a third co-working space in Kenya at Karen, Nairobi

by Milicent Atieno
nairobi garage karen

Nairobi Garage, one of Nairobi’s leading co-working spaces now has a third branch in Karen. Meaning it now has three interlinked networks spread out across Nairobi.

Nairobi Garage already had about 50,000 square feet of co-working spaces from its two branches. And already it described itself as the biggest co-working space provider in Africa. With the addition of another 14,000 square feet from its third branch in Karen, Nairobi Garage could be will on its way to cementing its grip on that title; biggest co-working space provider in Africa.

Nairobi Garage // Karen

The new Nairobi Garage Karen co-working space features 18 private offices and 150 desks. It also has a high-speed internet connection and is located at the Watermark Business Park. In close proximity to international brands like Unilever and GE.

With the third branch, the Nairobi Garage co-working space now makes a triangular network spanning Nairobi. Members can freely hop from one to the next hubs without any restrictions and at their convenience.

We’re pleased to open the doors of Nairobi Garage // Karen to the city’s business community. Our three locations now mean that members can work from any side of town, and quickly set up operations and a presence all across the city,” said Hannah Clifford, the director of Nairobi Garage.

Over and above the handpicked locations, Nairobi Garage has been deliberate about ensuring every square inch of our space is optimized for productivity giving members a world-class creating home to scale and innovate.”

About Nairobi Garage co-working space

The Nairobi Garage // Karen also has state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and AC service all the indoor spaces, call booths, sound-proofed boardrooms, male and female showering facilities among others.

Registered members can drop in and work from any of the premises they like at no extra cost. They are also free to use the meeting rooms and facilities in any of the three Nairobi Garage spaces across the city according to their pleasure.

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