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Nairobi Garage & Sinapis Giving Entrepreneurs 20-Week MBA Program

by Milicent Atieno
Nairobi Garage & Sinapis Giving Entrepreneurs 20-Week MBA Program

Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise the bar for your business? Are you frustrated with all your breakthrough ideas not taking off as you expected? Well, maybe you have been approaching it the wrong way.

Starting October 2015, Nairobi Garage in partnership with Sinapis will be running a 20-week long MBA program for entrepreneurs seeking to scale up their business ideas and operations. Nairobi Garage is a full-service co-working space for entrepreneurs, startups, and techies while Sinapis is a Christ-centered company providing business education and entrepreneurship support programs.

The two organizations have organized an MBA program targeting founders and CEOs, early or growth stage startups with some years of experience in the industry. The candidates for the program will also be required to have a minimum of university-level education, and they will be taught using the secular version of Sinapis’ curriculum together with the Harvard School of Business course material. The program will give them all the necessary knowledge, skills and the networks to scale up their businesses.

If you are a startup entrepreneur and would like to take part in this MBA program, and you are ready to devote some hours of your Saturdays to it. Then you need to register for the program at Ksh.42,000 ($400).

There are many business owners that have great products and vision, but could really benefit from a more well-rounded knowledge of business management. From unit economics to customer acquisition, Sinapis have built a course which covers your A-Z of business strategy and management,” said Hannah Clifford, the general manager of Nairobi Garage.

We are complementing their content with special sessions, such as digital marketing and pitching. Plus with the businesses at Nairobi Garage and our extended network into many of the big players in the new economy, there is a lot to gain for those who participate.”

To apply for the Nairobi Garage and Sinapis MBA Program, click here to fill out the form. Application deadline is October 1st, 2015.

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