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Narwhal for Reddit: Amazing iOS app redesigned for iOS 7

by Fahad Saleem

Narwhal for Reddit: Amazing iOS app redesigned for iOS 7

Reddit is one of the most important and greatly expanding social media outlet. However, a large community may not be interested in actively participating on the forum by updating their status or commenting/liking other activities. Such kind of social media followers are referred to as lurkers. Reddit didn’t have any app for providing lurkers the opportunity to view the posts. Narwhal, an app for iOS is here to serve this purpose very well. It is not only useful for the lurkers, but also for the active participants who can easily unlock the variety of features contained in the app. The interface of the app is specifically designed for iOS 7. You can easily scroll through the front page. More links will be shown as you scroll further down. You can easily tap a link to view it along with the comments. You can jump to your favorite sub-reddits by opening a navigation panel by swiping from left to right. You can also search through the sub-reddits by using the name of a specific person to open it.

After installing the app, you are ready to use your favorite social media on your iOS device. You can easily see the comments that your posts received, how long ago it was posted, and which sub-reddit it was presented to, and the user who presented it. Once you tap the post, it will open in a new screen containing a preview with the comments present below it. The links that you have already visited will be grayed out, while the new ones will still be dark.

reddit 1

Open the navigation panel by swiping from left to right and scroll through the sub-reddits. You can open the sub-reddit by tapping it. You can view a particular sub-reddit activity.

reddit 2

You can easily block NSFW content, or you can easily disable the thumbnails for NSFW posts.

reddit 3

The only drawback this app has, is that it doesn’t play GIFs and this could be quite irritating for GIFs lovers. There is a complete sub-reddit for GIFs. Lack of support for GIF is a huge limitation  this app has. If you want to sign in to your Reddit account, you need upgrade for $1.99. The download link for iOS 7 is provided below.

Download Narwhal from App Store for Reddit for iOS 7

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