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21 Reasons Why You Should Attend NBITLO Urban Tech Weekend in Houston September 25-27

by Felix Omondi

21 Reasons Why You Should Attend NBITLO Urban Tech Weekend 2014 This September

21 Reasons Why You Should Attend NBITLO Urban Tech Weekend in Houston September 25-27

21 Reasons Why You Should Attend NBITLO Urban Tech Weekend 2014 in Houston September 25-27

Since the inception of National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization (NBITLO) by Andrew West, NBITLO has demonstrated measurable success and growth over the years in helping to equip and prepare young black Information Technology Professionals, and IT Leaders.While in the process, NBITLO has created a nationwide support network of Technology Leaders, has helped numerous African-Americans that have an interest in professional technology leadership careers and executive technology leadership positions. In addition to IT professional resources NBITLO’s focus is diversifying the STEM pipeline and encouraging and incubating Innovative Business Start-Ups. It is also open for membership to people from a broad spectrum ofethnicities.

NBITLO achieves this by facilitating yearly programs and an annual conference symposium where West recruits industry experts who share their relevant experiences, in an information-sharing atmosphere with the goal of enablingsuccess, mentors, thought-partners and empowerment. With visionary and passionate leadership skills from the likes of Andrew West and other Technology Leaders, NBITLO shares with you promising Information Technology Leadership models that have demonstrated great effectiveness. Individuals who have attended the NBITLO’s annual events in the past have the following to say about this event:

  • Anjuan Simmons from Woodlands, Texas had this to say, “I believe it is important to attract minorities to careers in technology, and the reasons the mission of NBITLO is so important. I have an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas A&M. I work at the intersection of Technology and Business alignment. The information exchange, professional development and wisdom nuggets I gain through NBITLO’s annual event it’s incomparable to any other tech event out there”.
  • MateenDiop, Ed.D., from San Antonio, Texas said, “As an educational administrator of one of Texas’s largest school districts, I find myself enlightened and empowered when I attend NBITLO. To stay abreast and combine innovation with education is necessary to educate the 21st century learning. The vast amount of people resources, the wide range of attendees as well as the focused quality information gained each year at NBITLO is what keeps me coming back and evangelizing this event”.

That being said innov8tiv would like to share with you some of the reasons as to why you should attend the NBITLO Urban Tech Weekend 2014. The reasons are many but we have summarized them into 21 reasons as to why you should attend and they are as listed below:

  1. Speakers at this year’s event will be composed of over 50 Dynamic & Professional Presenters, 20 Panel discussions, 5 special keynotes and a plethora of Industry Experts.
  2. Networking Opportunities with key people from Oil & Gas, Education, Corporate, Banking and all types of organizations.
  3. The event’s program has been designed to position you for success and advance your career.
  4. It will be a social event with plenty of opportunities to make new friends and professional relationships for life.
  5. Availability of mentorship opportunities as the conference will be filled with people who have been where you’re trying to go.
  6. Outreach opportunity for you to connect with others who might be able to influence or help out in their own path to success.
  7. Partnership opportunities which strategically aligned to enable you join forces with NBITLO and its community partners and nationwide network of support.
  8. A chance to get the story and unparalleled information about the struggle of individuals who have succeeded straight from the hearts, which you won’t get anywhere else in this format.
  9. A chance to position yourself to win.
  10. Inclusion by joining in the conversation during this interactive technology thought-leadership symposium.
  11. Vendor Exhibits interface with companies and representative you can’t afford to miss.
  12. Career Experts who are coming to pour out their expertise and help you create a game plan.
  13. Resume Clinic designed to rework and completely redesign your resume to be the chosen candidate.
  14. Branding your Panel specifically designed for creating the candidate that any company would hire.
  15. Technology Leadership Round-Table that will provide real-world insights into how to be an IT Director, e-promoted and beyond.
  16. Women in Technology Leadership Panel. Need I say any more?
  17. S.T.E.M Careers & Learning Programming for you to break into the industry and gain insights on resources.
  18. AGILE Platform Seminar taking us Beyond Talk into Action.
  19. Interactive Atmosphere where no conference attendee is left behind.
  20. Membership has its privileges.
  21. NBITLO 2014 is being held in the great City of Houston Texas which is #3 in the Nation for jobs affectionately known as Silicone bayou.

The venue for the event will be at Wyndham Houston, Energy Corridor 14703 Park Row Houston, TX 77070 US. To register for this event click here. For hotel and accommodation reservations follow this link. If you would like to speak at this even kindly follow this link to propose the keynote topic and you can take an in depth look about the Urban Tech Weekend 2014 by reading the press kit here.


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